Last updated - Saturday September 23, 2017 11:12 AM
NDTV Sold Out

Mere rumours, false and fabricated, NDTV says on takeover by BJP campaign team member

Ajay Singh, co-founder and owner of SpiceJet, who was also the part of the BJP's 2014 poll campaign will take control of NDTV along with editorial rights. . .... More

Hyderabad Aceession

17th September 1948 is a Black Day in Human History

This committee strongly condemns the massacre of lakhs of Muslims and celebrating it as liberation day. Indian government’s aim was to wipe out the Muslim community under the garb of targeting communists, but not . .... More

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Rohingya Refugees

A Peep into Rohingya Refugees Life in Chennai

Since last one decade, scores of Rohingyas have fled from Myanmar after the repeated sectarian violence orcastrated by the Burmese government that has denied them citizenship under the 1982 Burmese Citizenship Act. .... More

Bullet Train

The Hindutva Gimmick: Bullet Train As Moksha

A foreign country, Japan, is helping India's HAVES by providing loans worth almost ONE LAKH CRORE OF RUPEES to build and run BULLET TRAIN by charging interest rate of 0.1 annually and that too be paid in next FIFTY YEARS. Would .... More

Indian Muslims

Indian Muslim’s Predicament And The Way Forward

Muslim youth should not become despondent with the prevailing situation around them and must avoid getting pulled down into negativity. They should participate in constructive discussions and should have positive approach . .... More

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