Last updated - Saturday July 21, 2018 0:23 AM
Save Taj Mahal

Campaign to save Taj Mahal as govt plans to hand over the monument to private firms

Amidst apprehensions that the Narendra Modi government has made up its mind to handover Taj Mahal to private firms, media group India Today has started "Save Taj Mahal" campaign to protect the Unesco heritage site .... More

Protest against RTI Amendment

Activists, Whistleblowers rally to oppose RTI Amendment

According to news reports, around 4 to 6 million information applications are filed every year. However, in the present scenario when the central government is mulling an amendment to the Act, a number of RTI activists .... More

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Swami Agnivesh

Attack on Swami Agnivesh is neither first nor last on an activist

The attack on Swami Agnivesh yesterday in Pakur district of Jharkhandwas not an aberration, it's a new normal. The attackers were not ‘fringe elements‘, they were not ‘fringe’ four years ago when the whole ‘anti-national’ & ‘deshdrohi’ jargon started against artists and activists and they are ... More

Muslim Personal Law Board

Muslim panel's opportunistic, unscrupulous politics is only aiding Hindutva brigade

Reneging on its commitment,the AIMPLB is yet to come out with a model Nikahnama with clauses for maintenance to deserted/divorced wives and against instant triple divorce. Its reluctance to disband nikah halala also reveals a lot about its intent. ... More

Kashmir History

Kashmir history and missing links, deliberate distortions in post 1947 narrative

It is high time for concerned citizens, intelligentsia,and academia to work for establishing an institution on the lines of the Brookings for conducting ‘in-depth research that leads to finding a solution to the long standing dispute. .... More

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  Exploring Ramadan


Part I: Fasting is prescribed so that you may learn self-restraint

Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month of fasting is here again. Though most of us are aware of the virtues, and dos and don’ts of this holy month, they are worth ... More


Part II: Offer prayers in Ramadan nights to seek forgiveness

Tarawih, the Special Night Prayer is the first prayer that Muslims offer immediately after the new moon pronounces the beginning of the Holy month Ramadan... More

Ramadan Iftar

Part III: 'Fasting is Mine and it is I who give reward for it'

Saum i.e. the fast begins with Suhur – the pre-dawn meal and ends with Iftaar – the food taken at the dusk. Taking Suhur is Sunnah and though it is not ... More

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