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Demonetization: Who will win this evenly poised Dangal?
Tuesday December 27, 2016 8:31 AM, Syed Ali Mujtaba

Note ban

We are almost on the finish line of the demonetization period that is 30th December 2016. Now it’s time to take a stock of the situation as how far this wise decision of the government has bolstered the nation image or how much it has dented the morale of its people.

There is a cacophony of war of words going on between the ruling government and the opposition on this issue. While, it is obvious that the government the day is not going to lower its guard and is beating its own drum justifying its decision, the opposition is keeping the pressure on the government with its left, right and center jibs, criticizing the government to the core on this issue.

In the absence of any credible survey that can gauge the mood of the nation, it’s still unclear whether the government of the day has emerged stronger with the demonetization move or it is rattled by its own act and need a ‘Vardha’ touch to be uprooted.

However, the demonetization debate has a sociological angle and that is the Barhmin and Banyya the two class category and not the caste cast category that has been rendered at loggers head with each other on this issue.

These two categories are more in a purgatory sense denoting the class people engaged in certain set of activities. It encompasses various layers of Indian society and includes these two sets of categories changing the hats.

While the Brahmins who are part of knowledge based economy seems to be contented with the demonetization move. This is because they are salaried class people and earn their bread and butter in a clean mode of payments.

The demonetization move may have caused them some pains but they really have not been hit “above the belt” and such it has not damaged them in any sense.

Since this class of people is the conscious keeper of the country and gives motivation and direction to teeming millions to make their decisions they will beat the drums of government’s wisdom at all the knowledge based platforms where it dominates.

However, the problem with this class is they only have words to canvass but no money and money to back it up.

On the contrary, the Banyya, is the class of people who have only one god to worship and that is money. It is this class of people that wields enormous power in every sphere of the country.

They are the belly of the country and the umbilical cord for the survival of any government in the country. Is this class of people happy with the demonetization pains?

With businesses coming to a standstill due to monetary crunch, the impression is that the Banyaa’s of India is totally upset with the government decision on demonetization.

This is because the party which is going on in India since the liberalization of the country in 1990s has been has called off with the decision of demonetization.

This not so much contained class people who want more and more money with no diminishing returns have been hit hard with the government’s decision of currency ban. The BJP which has a sizable vote base of this category of people has received a huge flake from such people for this decision. They are waiting for an opportunity to strike at the party that has hit on their bellies.

So what emerges is that the demonetization has pitted India against its own two arms or the class people. It is an interesting Dangal between the Brahmin and the Banyya and it remains to be seen which class prevails over the other in this bout of wrestling.

It is a litmus test for the two arms of India and which will overpower the other is something that remains uncertain till now.

As far as ordinary people are concerned, their decision really doesn’t matter on such issues. They are susceptible to be brainwashed by one or other set of ruling elite.

With the date of demonetization coming to close, the ball of the cause of action has been set on rolling and now in the days ahead its aftereffects that is to follow. Who will win the great Dangal of demonetization that is currently evenly poised at moment remains to be see.

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at]

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