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Entering into New Year with crusty currency notes
Saturday December 31, 2016 2:12 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Kanpur: There will be no respite from the queues at the banks even in the New Year. Only withdrawal limits at the ATMs have been increased. This is for what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted the countrymen on November 8 evening.

Whatever, whatsoever and what not, single significant advantage of the demonetization is that the people have been getting brand new wads of the currency notes with different denominations from the past fifty momentous days or above seven weeks or more than one-and-half month.

Who would not like to receive new currencies? Every hand carries fresh notes with an air of ecstasy which appears more or less similar to a singer’s thrill that he experiences at the clapping at any musical night. Despite all the troubles at the line, the customers appear elated at the receipt of the new notes.

Otherwise, they used to have to fret and fume earlier just by sparsely looking at soiled or disfigured legal tenders. Now, hobbling at the bank’s cash counter their face brightens up with the pleasure of securing glistening pink or bluish or greyish notes lately issued by the country’s central bank.

They even do not bother to check even the quality of the currency notes just only because of their bewilderment at the receipt of the new notes. There was a time when nationalised banks began issuing very bad currency notes qualitatively and people used to receive with anticipation of meeting the daily expenses. But the situation at the moment has markedly changed.

One account holder at a bank said, “If nothing had changed the new notes were reaching us without any fuss or argument.” While a woman pointed out, “how lucky we were in receiving fresh crispy currency notes these days.”

Remembering the past days another customer revealed the banks were too selective in providing new currency notes of any denomination. It was merely on auspicious occasions the demand for new notes was anyhow possible after many commendations of the bank cashiers. The younger lots are curiously praising the new notes as what they so far have never seen in their scant life.

At the banks, there was an arrangement of exchanging old notes with the fresh notes. But the reach was not possible for everyone. If anyone happens to know the banks’ employees there was a possible chance of obtaining desired new notes otherwise one had to buy from the market. At present we are easily obtaining new currencies as the bank’s cashier is releasing crusty cash.

We remain baffled at the sight of seized amounts of freshly released currency notes on the Television. The news channels are showing the pink wads of two-thousand, bluish one-thousand and greyish five-hundred currency notes.

As a result, the countrymen are happily finding themselves as fortunate as to keep these various denomination notes into their pockets after seventy years of independence.

This is a very big contribution to the present BJP government that is leaving no stone unturned in propagating the note ban benefits as our finance minister Arun Jaitely has recently said.

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