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State of India: Muslim Fight for Existence

Wednesday April 5, 2017 3:45 PM, Mushtaq Rahmat Iqbal

Indian Muslims

Ok. There seems to be a silent approval of majority in India to this kind of frenzy and hysteria against Muslims especially. As other religious minorities are accepted, by majority community, as Quasi-Hindu or insignificant as far as their agenda is concerned. The same can never be said for Muslims in India. Although Muslims in India are in no way a monolithic community. There are various shades to it emanating from the regions they live, the language they speak and their food habits. Even their political aspirations, and efficacy vastly differ from state to state as their economic condition. Therefore it is important, for RSS and Saffron brigade to demonize and create hatred for them among gullible mass.

Their numbers are quite significant and they are widespread across India, unlike Sikhs, who are majorly confined to one or two states. Although being spread pan India has its own problems for Muslims. It is easy to get masses took them as perpetrator of all crimes against Hindus in medieval India by twisting historical facts and events.

And it is the most successful rallying points as well as its obliterates the caste divide among Hindus. Thus it is easy for upper caste Hindus to maintain its sway and say. Actually this is an era of Dalit’s appeasement at the hands of RSS and Sangh Parivar.

RSS, Sangh Pariwar and Hindu Nationalists will espouse all those issues which will make Muslims feel psychologically inferior and unwanted by state machinery/majority community. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's first diktat after assuming office was to close down all “illegal abattoirs”. And it was immediately taken up by the foot soldiers of BJP and its affiliates. As if there was no other important issues to deal with in the whole of Uttar Pradesh. In pursuit of its execution BJP and its allies deliberately allow its cadres, sympathizers to take law into their hands. It serves two major purposes: Such leeway gives immense power-feel to ordinary folks and their empowerment gets satiated. Also it unleashes fear and humiliation in Muslim populace leaving their reasonable part high and dry economically. Besides the same foot soldiers could be disowned as per convenience terming as “fringe element”. However, now a days the title of “ fringe elements” are to be worn as “badge of honor” after all the one time fringe elements has just been handed over reign of Uttar Pradesh.

The ruling party kept repeating the issue of Triple Talaq as this is the most important issues facing Muslim women. As if fair sex of Indian Muslims do not need education, employment and better health facility! In fact need of Muslim women are same as that of others. Although it is imperative for Muslims to overhaul their some aspects of divorce, it is not the only issue where government intervention is needed.

It has started with religion will end with all social elements to the point Muslims will start questioning their existence themselves. That will see either religious migration of Muslims to Hinduism or acceptance of Hindu way of life, retaining few visages of Islamic practices, like Buddhists, Jains or Sikhs. This will complete the cycle of Hindu chauvinist India. And one should not be surprised of it. Tell-tale sign are everywhere and for everyone to see, only if you are blind or insane. Recently Rajasthan government has two significant changes one in academics: claiming Rana Pratap Singh as the winner of Haldi Ghati war against Akbar and the other renaming of Akbar ka Qila to Ajmer ka Qila. Emboldened by the recent victory in UP elections, renaming of Aligarh to Harigrah has gathered steam again. These are signs of erasing the vestiges of Muslims from the public space. Urdu, although not all Muslims of India speak, has already been declared the language of Muslims only and gradually sidelined from the main stream.

There are few questions which would be interesting to ask:

Are majority community really in state of stupor that they cannot make out the real design of RSS and Sangh Parivar? Or really they have mandated RSS and Sangh Parivar to carry out this in their name?

If RSS and Sangh Parivar has its way, they would like to bring in Manuvadi system in which lies inherent fissures/ fault line of cohesive Hindu society. Any country with width and spread like India with so much variation and diversity will find it really difficult to maintain a monotonous social fabric for long. Not only it is against nature, it also not possible for the reason mentioned earlier. If Arabs practicing one religion, speaking one language and living with similar customs from Arabian Peninsula, North Africa to Levant area can’t be one, there is nothing special which suggest that India can be exception.

There could be various explanations for the rise of Saffron brigade, and there will be thousands of ways and means to oppose it. However it must be understood that it is long and arduous journey. It has taken almost hundered years for Hindu nationalist to bloom, it will be another century’s struggle to make it go.



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