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We anyway have faith only in Allah, the Almighty: Malegaon blast victims
Saturday June 27, 2015 11:13 AM, Staff Reporter

[Shabbir Bhikku and others all ears as Abdullah Jamaluddin, who had burn injuries in the blast makes a point. ( photo)]

Unperturbed by the public prosecutor in the 2008 Malegaon blast case Rohini Salian's "Go soft on Hindutva terrorists" statement, the victims and the kin of the victims Friday said they had knew what was in store for them long before, and it is only God on whom they have faith for justice.

"This is no revelation for us. The government and the investigating agencies were already soft on the Hindu terrorists. This is why the Supreme Court in its verdict said MCOCA is not applicable on them", Shabbir Bhikku said while talking to even as Abdullah Jamaluddin, who suffered burn injuries in the blast nodded in agreement.

Shabbir Bhikku along with Abdullah Jamaluddin were sitting right near the Bhikku Chowk - named after his father, where a blast on September 29, 2008 tore into pieces six people and injured over hundred.

"Rohini's statement only authenticates our apprehensions. We never had faith in this government. But the attitude of the erstwhile government in the case too was not honest", Shabbir Bhikku said.

"There was literally no progress in the case after the brutal killing of Hemant Karkare - the slain ATS chief who nabbed the Hindutva terrorists after painstaking investigation", he added.

Abdullah Jamaludding was equally harsh while criticising the government on the issue.

“How can a state interfere in the judicial system and direct the prosecutor to go soft on criminals involved in such a heinous crime. Is this because the accused are Hindus and victims are Muslims?", Abdulllah Jamaluddin asked.

“The state should not ignore the kind of message that will be sent to the world which is still struggling in the fight against terrorism”, he added.

Haji Nisar Ahmed, who lost his 19-year-old son Azhar in the blast, was till yesterday had some hope about the outcome of the 2008 Malegaon blast case. But now he says the ultimate power rests with god and they have total faith in him.

“Only a couple of months ago we had written to the state as well as to the court to speed up the judicial process so that the accused arrested in the case are punished. But, now it seems we will not be getting justice at least in near future”, Haji Nisar Ahmed said.

“The ultimate power is with the Almighty Allah. He will surely give us justice and the culprits will undergo severe punishment soon”, he added.

Liyaqat Shaikh, who had lost his 10-year-old daughter Farheen in the blast wondered over the way the government is discriminating in the terror case which took so many innocent lives.

“Whether the terrorists are Hindus or Muslims, the rule of land should prevail and guilty must be punished”, he kept saying even as he looked visibly shaken while recalling the incident which took the life of his teenage daughter.

Rohini Salian’s statement also evoked strong reactions from the lawyers and NGOs working for the victims and the families of those killed in the blast. While warning the government against doing any such thing, they even termed the reported move against national interests.

“The intensity of the crime becomes manifold as among the accused charged in the 2008 Malegaon case are serving and retired army men who know the law. What kind of message will go to the world if such people go scot-free?” Advocate Irfana Hamadani asked.

In a scathing attacking on the government, Abdul Hameed Azhari, one of the founder members of the Kul Jamaati Tanzeem – the NGO formed after the 2006 Malegaon blast to help the victims as well as the Muslim accused arrested in the case, said the government’s attempt to protect the terrorists will be against national interest.

“There are ample proofs against these accused. As per the investigation claim, there are CDs, audio recordings and circumstantial evidences against them. The motorcycle used in the blast belonged to one of the accused. Does the government still want to set them free?” he asked.

"For years the investigating agencies had shielded the real terrorists even as the country was up in shock because of the terror attacks occurring one after the other. In the process they ruined life of scores of Muslims by implicating them in false cases.

"It was for the commitment of Hemant Karkare that the Hindutva terrorists in the 2008 Malegaon and other terror attacks in the country were nabbed.
"If the government wants to go soft on them it is free to do so. But, those in power should keep in their mind that setting free the terrorists who hatched conspiracies against the nation will not help the country", he said.

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