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After receiving flak for dirty propaganda, Iran praises Saudi efforts for Haj pilgrims
Friday October 2, 2015 3:28 PM, News Network

After receiving criticism from all across the Muslim world for its unwarranted and unjustified anti-Saudi Arabia and sectarian propaganda following the tragic stampede in Mina, Iran praised Saudi Arabia’s rescue and medical efforts and acknowledged its services for Haj pilgrims.

According to Arab News, Iran's Health Minister Hassan Hashimi, at a meeting with his Saudi counterpart Khalid Al-Falih in Jeddah on Wednesday, said that the Kingdom’s ambulance and other teams had done well to transport the injured to hospitals in the region.

Hashimi said the incident was out of human control and that people should surrender to the will of Allah. He praised the Kingdom for the services it provides every year for pilgrims under difficult circumstances.

The parties agreed to ensure that the Iranians who died in the stampede would be sent home as soon as possible, and provide continued care for those hospitalized with injuries.

Hashmi visited Jeddah following a dirty propaganda war unleashed by Iran after the stampede in Mina which killed more than 770 hajis. Iran, supported by a section of Jewish and anti-Muslim media, hurled allegations against Saudi authorities without any substance and also allowed anti-Saudi and anti-Sunni protest in Iranian territory.

At the time when the entire Muslim ummah was in shock, Iranian president used his speech at UN General Assembly to politicise the stampede.

The Muslim world, led by Turkish President Erdogan and top scholars of Cairo's Al-Azhar Islamic University, vehemently refuted all Iranian allegations, and stood firmly behind the Saudi Arabia's ruling family.

In between, an Iranian official while talking to the Arab media confirmed the video footages that the stampede in Mina broke after some 300 Irani hajis violated the rules, and started moving in opposite direction.



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