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First linked with RSS teachings, later to Israel’s exploits, surgical strikes turn political
Sunday October 23, 2016 1:06 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

There is not only a baseness of the term surgical strikes but there is a kind of baseness in the very technique of its use. There has begun a fresh trend to attack upon the sleepy system and the corrupt politicians through this term. A jibe in the garb of this widely used term seems to have entered into our political arena.

This deflection was experienced during the Congress Party’s leaders joining the BJP, a law lord’s castigation of the political motives, linking of the RSS teachings and compelling the Muslims to come under the UCC and others.

Therefore, it can be plainly said that the terminology of surgical strikes is being used to reap political gains ahead of a string of assembly elections in various states.

Surgical strikes were initially aimed to deal with the cross-border terror activities but it seems to have entrapped with the political flow. It was linked with RSS teachings and later to Israel’s exploits and now, it is publicised as a ladder to flay the worse in the politics.

When our military have nothing to do with the politics, there is no need on part of our experienced politicians in reaping political benefits out of this military action? The opposition parties have criticised the BJP and its government of milking army operation for political benefits. The issue of surgical strikes has snowballed into a political row amply.

When will our leaders start surgical strikes to bring improvement at the primary education? The poor students of the government-run primary schools are compellingly starving of securing quality education owing to the teachers’ neglect.

How the quality of education at the government primary schools could be improved if the teachers will not take the classes? This is a moot question disturbing everyone. Even the Court Lords have asked the teachers to pay more attention towards their upmost responsibility of teaching. Why are teachers being given other responsibilities?

However, Dr Fateh Bahadur Singh, AD (Basic Education), Kanpur Zone, said that the teachers were instructed to carry out their obligation as booth level officer only after completing their teaching responsibilities. If a teacher was found absent from the school, action will be taken against him/her.

About three thousand teachers have been executing the duty of booth level officers. About sixty-five percent teachers in the urban areas and sixty percent teachers of the rural areas are engaged in this job.

There are also reports of a few teachers getting them appointed as booth level officer in order to escape from the teaching duty. In this regard, a teacher of the primary school on Bitthoor Road was said to have got him posted through his connection overtly, sources said. In a recent inspection of a Krishna Girls’ Junior High School at Gwal Toli area here the senior officer of the basic education department learnt of the principal’s fabricated narratives.

In the course of his inspection procedures the senior officer found presence of as many as 16 students at the school while the school principal informed him of the students’ number coming as 42. Furthermore, as many as 65 students were found registered in another register. This led the officer to test out the principal who later divulged his fictitious information.

These scant cases are proof enough to show how primary schools teachers are trying to desist from their teaching responsibility. As many as 2496 primary and junior high schools are running in the Kanpur district. A total of 1674 primary schools and 822 junior high schools are presently recorded in the government list.

A total of 2.08 lakh students have been receiving education in these schools. But they are certainly starved of learning owing to indifferent attitude of the teachers. Thus they seemed to ignore dignity of job just for some monetary gains as some pointed out.

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