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Icons of communal harmony: Hindu, Muslim donate kidneys to each other's wives
Wednesday September 14, 2016 10:31 AM, ANI

Kidney Transplant

Jaipur (Rajasthan):
In a unique example of friendship that helps us restore our faith in humanity, a Hindu and a Muslim donated their kidneys to the other's wife in Rajasthan.

This story is about a Hindu woman Anita and a Muslim lady Tasleem Jahan who were both suffering from kidney disease and were in urgent need of kidney transplants.

The situation became even more tense for the two families when they came to know that their blood group was not matching to their spouses. Co-incidentally, their husbands came to know that they can donate a kidney to each other's wives as their blood groups were matching.

Dr. Abhishek Soni of Monilek Hospital told ANI that it was a clear message that humanity is higher than any religion and an apt example of the highest standard of communal harmony.

"Tasleem was undergoing dialysis at the hospital for two to three months. Anita was undergoing dialysis here for two years. Both of them are young and transplantation was the best option for them. Transplantation can be done even if the blood group doesn't match, but it is a costly process and both of them could not afford it," he added.

It was a very big decision to take on religious grounds, but no religion is above humanity so both men decided to go ahead and the transplant was a success.

This case of kidney transplant is historic in another sense as both donors were male, and 90 percent of such cases, the donors are females. Vinod, Anita, Anwar and Tasleem are true icons of communal harmony.

Vinod Mehra said, "Our blood is red, it's the same. If we cared about Hindu-Muslim, our wives wouldn't be alive. We all are brothers, we should not do discrimination between people. We all are same."

Anwar said, "I am very happy that he didn't think about religion and gave his kidney to my wife. To take the decision was very hard for us."

This Eid al-Adha is not only special for Anwar and his wife, but also for Hindu couple Vinod and Anita as both couple can go for another fresh and healthy inning for rest of their lives.

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