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Kick The Pro-Rape MP Out Of Parliament: Online petition seeks Sakshi Maharaj's ouster

Wednesday August 30, 2017 5:57 PM, News Network

Sakhji Maharaj Rape Case

Avaaz, a group of activists fighting for women’s rights in India for years, has started an online petition demanding from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to sack Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Sakshi Maharaj who is accused in rape and murder cases.

The campaign, part of the group's drive to stand with the women of India in their fight for freedom, safety, and equality, is receiving tremendous response with new signatories adding to the petition with every passing second.

"An Indian MP, accused of at least two rapes and two murders, has just stood up for a controversial guru sentenced to twenty years in jail for raping two women, and thought to have raped dozens more. If we act right now, we can kick this pro-rape politician out!", the petition said.

"The BJP politician, who has claimed in the past that Hindu women must protect their religion by producing four children and conversion to Islam and Christianity could be punishable by death, stood up for the rapist, calling him a “simple man” and questioned why his followers were not being heard", the petition added.

"But now, we can kick this hater out and stand up for women everywhere. His party is already under pressure -- so let’s push Prime Minister Modi and the President of the BJP to suspend this sexist, rape-champion and remove pro-rape politicians from India’s Parliament", the petition said.

The petition addressed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and National President of BJP Amit Shah concludes with these words.

"As concerned citizens deeply disturbed by the sexist comments made by BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj, we urge you to urgently suspend him from Parliament and from all Parliamentary Committees. We call on you to stand up for India’s women and send a strong signal to the country that there is no place in Parliament for a politician who condones rape."

Read the petition here.


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