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About 2.5 crore of PM Modi’s 4 crore Twitter followers are fake: Audit Report

Wednesday March 14, 2018 6:52 AM, & Agencies

Modi Twitter Followers

Mumbai: In an interesting revelation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was responsible for starting Twitter war among politicians in India found itself in the top slot of world leaders with maximum number of fake followers on the popular social media platform.

Based on the result of audits by Twitter and Twiplomacy, an Outlook India Survey revealed that 60% of the Indian Prime Minister’s 41 million followers are fake. It means that about 2.5 crore of Prime Minister Modi’s 4 crore Twitter followers are fake.

Prime Minister Modi’s followers increased by seven million in less then 30 days, which prompted Outlook India  to run the audit. “At the bottom, it’s a numbers game—so generating followers and creating popularity through likes has become a full-fledged profession,” the report said.

In the list of people with fake followers Prime Minister Modi is only second to US President Donald Trump in terms of numbers. Trump has 48.9 million followers on Twitter. However 37% of his followers numbering about 18 million followers are fake, the report claimed.

The next in line with fake followers is Pope Francis. The reports say 59% of Pope Francis’ 17 million followers are fake. Fake followers include internet bots - an automated application used to imitate workings of accounts of actual humans, thereby imitating them - and inactive followers.

Among the world leaders, King Salman has a distintion having least number of fake followers. King Salman has about 6.8 million followers on Twitter. But, in contrast to other world leaders, only 8% of his followers are fake, the survey revealed.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal, the second most followed Indian politician after Modi, in contrast, has 51% fake followers, the audit by Outlook India revealed. Though Congress President Rahul Gandhi has a higher 69% of fake followers, he is no match to Modi when it comes to total number of fake followers.

According to the Outlook survey, while Modi has 24,799,527 (about 2.5 crore) fake followers, Rahul stands at a comparatively meagre figure of 3,696,460 fake followers (about 37 lakh). Rahul is also behind Kejriwal, who has 6,449,409 fake followers, according to the survey.

“So, next time a report tells you who's the most popular leader on social media, perhaps take it with a pinch of salt", the Outlook report said.

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