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Quran brightening UK Muslims' faith during Ramadan
Monday July 13, 2015 2:36 AM, IINA

Preparing for the last days of Ramadan, British Muslims have used the holy month of fasting to strengthen their faith and cleanse their heart through reciting the Noble Qur'an, hoping to find atonement and spiritual elevation in the holy verses, according to OnIslam.

As an appointed time for Muslims to reconnect with their faith, scholars have often described Ramadan as a "time out" from everyday life for both men and women to rekindle their connection to the divine through the remembrance of God's commandments.

"There are many layers and dimensions to the month of Ramadan," said Khaled Abbas, a teacher in Islamic Studies in London.

Abbas explained how reciting the Qur'an is an actual act of worship, just as prayers and fasting are.

"Just as fasting is both a physical and spiritual exercise, reciting the words of God at such a time in the year when God's blessings are most significant and evil locked away is important.

"The Qur'an was sent to us as a sign, a guidance and a warning and therefore every believers should strive to live according to its tenets and principles in order to walk in the path which God set before us all," Ibrahim Younes, who holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the Sana'a Center for Middle Eastern Studies, told OnIslam.

"Only by reciting the Qur'an can a person hope to be closer to God and guard oneself from evil. And since Ramadan was appointed as a month of fasting and spiritual reflection recitation of the Qur'an stands absolute", he added.

"The strength of our religion is measured by the sincerity of our worship and so Ramadan needs to be understood as an opportunity to purify our actions and return to God with a faithful heart.

"Reading the Qur'an during Ramadan is really about all of us remembering our religious obligations, responsibilities and duties", he said.

“The study of the hadiths gives a clear indication of the importance of reading the holy Qur'an during the month of Ramadan - "more than any other time during the year," Younes noted.

Therefore, it is essential for the person fasting to recite the Qur'an during these blessed days and honorable nights. For indeed, there is a special virtue for the abundance of recitation in these days, which is not found in any other month.

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