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Critics fume after Hillary Clinton is seen wearing 'Hijab' in new Campaign Ad
Tuesday October 27, 2015 1:18 PM, News Network

Hillary Clinton

The forty-seven second video is simple and has nothing in it that shows her love for 'Hijab' or for that say 'Muslims'. However, covering her head with a scarf, a simple diplomatic gesture by US Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton, is not acceptable for the anti-Muslim extremist groups in the United States.

The video entitled “Leadership” shows Clinton meeting world leaders in various settings. Three of the seven scenes of the video that show Clinton meeting world leaders show her meeting with Muslims.

One of those scenes shows Clinton, the leading Democratic Party presidential candidate, covering her head with a blue 'headscarf'' during her visit to Pakistan in 2009. But, her critics, 'claiming' that she wore a Hijab in the campaign ad, are going all guns blazing against her.

"There are no apparent references to any other religion in the Clinton campaign video except for Islam", Kristinn Taylor wrote in a report.

Daniel Greenfield, who claims to be focusing his writings on 'Radical Islam' is more furious after watching Hillary Clinton in headscarf during her visit to Muslim countries.

"..But in odd contrast to touting Hillary's feminism and strength, is this shot of her wearing a Hijab; an Islamic garment of submission", Daniel wrote in a report.

"In her commercial, Hillary Clinton, by wearing the Hijab, is advertising that she is the property of a man and therefore "not to be molested", he added in the article which is full of anti-Islam hate comments.

A simple look of the video shows the visuals are nothing but a diplomatic courtesy by the visiting Secretary of State while on tour in Muslim countries. However, for The American Mirror, it is 'submission' to Islam.

The America Mirror posted the campaign ad with a title "Hillary submits to Islam, wears hijab in latest ad."

"Clinton’s submission stands in stark contrast to First Lady Michelle Obama’s defiant move in Saudi Arabia earlier this year.

"During a trip to the country to pay respects to deceased King Abdullah in January, Obama broke custom in the Muslim world and declined to wear a hijab", Olaf Ekberg wrote in a report published by The American Mirror.

Michelle Obama

The reports are nothing but the glimpses to show how 'intolerant' the American society has grown now.

Interestingly, Hillary Clinton is not the only US dignitary to wear a headscarf out of respect for Islamic traditions. Besides others, First Lady Michelle Obama is seen sporting headscarf during her visit to Indonesia.

Muslims are among the largest group in the US. However, the actual size of the Muslim-American population has proved difficult to measure because the US Census does not track religious affiliation. Estimates vary widely from 2 million to 7 million. What is clear, however, is that the Muslim-American population has been growing rapidly as a result of immigration, a high birth rate, and conversions.

Islam is currently the fastest growing religion in the world including the United States. With the surprising growth of Islam, and hence the number of Muslims, anti-Muslim rhetorics and Islamophobia is expected. The criticism of latest Hillary Clinton campaign ad is a clear example.



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