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Prayers in Saudi mosques as 'Super Moon' eclipsed, turned reddish
Monday September 28, 2015 9:34 PM, IINA

Prayers were held in Saudi Arabia in the early hours of Monday morning during a Lunar eclipse which will not be seen for another 18 years.

Prayers were held by most mosques in the Kingdom in accordance with the Prophet’s (peace be upon him) traditions.

A total lunar eclipse combined with a 'Super Moon' was last seen in 1982, and they won't be seen together again until 2033.

When a full moon makes its closest approach to Earth, it appears bigger and brighter than usual and is known as a super moon. This combined, Monday morning, with a full lunar eclipse where the moon, Earth and sun lined up, with Earth’s shadow totally obscuring the moon.

Social media users across the Middle East posted images of a rare astronomical event on Sunday night, when a swollen "super moon" and lunar eclipse combined for the first time in decades, Al Arabiya News reported.

With its reddish tinge, the “blood moon” was visible from the Americas, Europe, Africa, west Asia and the east Pacific. It was the result of the sun, Earth and a larger-than-life, extra-bright moon lining up for just over an hour.

Skygazers from the Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and the UAE were among users posting images of the show in the Middle East.

In some areas in Egypt, the moon appeared in more of a copper rather than reddish tone, and in Saudi Arabia, the star appeared larger with no change in color in most pictures.

The lunar eclipse was also caught in series of snaps.


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