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Cash paucity hits at wedlock glitz by far
Friday December 16, 2016 11:38 AM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Kanpur: Formal rites of marriage seemed to have derailed in the post-monetisation days. Expenses require enough currency notes which are distancing away from the households where weddings are supposed to solemnise in approaching days. Ceiling on withdrawals of cash amounts has further aggravated their troubles. Even the apex court has now expressed its concern over the people’s non-accessibility for enough withdrawals.

The absence of new currency has made them to either adopt modest wedding or do some novel ways. This is even started as reports suggest. Thus, the Central government has succeeded in launching a move for conducting wedding rites in a simpler manner. It also cleared that ostentatious display of wealth is not acceptable under the fresh monetary strategy. Extravagance on such occasion will most probably remain prevalent till the currency supply improves.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has sounded trumpets for an observance of simple weddings and put a control on large expenses in a very showy & glitzy way. For this objective, the demonetization has come as a satisfactory tool till the end of this leap year. Several persons arraign the fresh limitations on extra expenses at marriages but still there are a lot more people who appreciate contrived to cease on pomp and show on such social occasion.

Sometimes a certain policy appears to be quite prolific in termination of social evils. And this tough monetary restraint is an accurate shot in compliance of the simplistic recourse. What social reformers failed to accomplish despite their hearty attempts was now eased by the able BJP leader with his sudden declaration more than a month ago.

Superfluous dowry demands need to be subsidised with cash crunch which is giving a mental tension to the families. Lesser amounts in the pockets will certainly goad them to distribute dry dates and also to complete the basic norms of traditional wedding. There will be put a damper on things like erection of massive ornamental sets on the venue, hosting of large numbers of guests and pre and post-marriage extra functions. Besides, the bridal wedding dress will also not much royal in future. Only those could afford such extravagances that are blackish in every way.

Now the groom’s side also thinks hundred times before throwing a demand for the costly gifts in dowry. A kind of fresh awareness has entered into their minds to make it as an inauspicious custom. Now Kalewa is turning out to be a Kaal for the Hindu marriage that provides the groom with a right to proceed for gifts and another custom of Tilak also coincides with it. On the contrary, its impact is apparently visible on the Nikah procedure also. Lavishness and grandeur are no longer ruling the roost in traditional marriages.

Those who in an air of egoistic attitude justify dowry as a matter of sheer luck or destiny will now think thrice to speak openly. It meant the dowry was wholly bad in society. Who would dare to oppose such decent exercise? With the new mode of action, our marriage ceremonies will no longer be a lavish affair, as many people think.

Relaxing at the cosy chair and visibly calm by his habit of composed temperament, a sixty-plus bearded older man glancing all around admitted that he was quite contented with this development. Looking a little irate though he pointed out that receiving a four-wheeler in dowry was a matter of sheer luck for him for this gift of a dark red car came prior to demonetization move. That is why he called it was directly linked with his destiny.

But his adversaries stated such an observation by him could be described as nonsense and rubbish. When the dowry did not find any pious place, how could it be termed as propitious or lucky for him? It is really his greed and avarice which is coming out of his vocal cord. When families are busy in conducting marriages by offering houses to the needy and feeding the poor, such considerations annoy us.

The more ordinary a man, the more rigid are his views. When people are opting for cheap gifts, there was still pervading a kind of unruffled cynicism which seemed in another way an unsteady complexity as well as a very conceited equanimity. Contemptuous talks appeared to have centred on our greediness.


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