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Civil Services toppers’ love clings to a secular tint !
Saturday November 26, 2016 6:55 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Tina Dabi with Athar
[Tina Dabi Facebook]

Democracy promotes that any eligible man can be a citizen if he chooses to be so. While Christianity held that any man could be a saint if he chose to be spiritual. Further, Hinduism allowed that any man could turn out to be an ascetic if he rejected the anxieties of the mundane life. And Islam stressed that a believer could seek emancipation by his prayers and submissions while carrying out routine tasks.

Of course, both the country’s cream post toppers have unshackled the notion that love is an obsession of two absolutely free conscious souls. Two toppers are tying the knots. This is a welcome news or even big breaking news because they have attempted to initiate for what the society generally does not give social recognition promptly.

Such instances abound in pages of the history. But first and second rankers of the administrative service meeting might be one of its kinds. Corroborating with the brains science they also feel their love a drive like a thirst. It is a natural addiction and treating it like an addiction they seemed to have been pursuing the impact of ‘unity in diversity’ in their affectionate love.

By their yet to solemnise a marriage in a very expressive way, they are going to embrace what Sufism preached, what Kabir developed through his dohe, what Bollywood practised, what secular values connected and what Akbar the Great followed.

The ancient Greeks called to love the madness of the gods. Modern psychologists prefer to describe it as if the strong desires bring about emotional union with another person. Shakespeare said: Love is blind and lovers can’t see. That is why Tina has cleared that it was love at first sight. While Aristotle puts it: Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies. This is what both of them appeared to have accepted absolutely.

The oft-repeated saying “kya karega qazi agar dulha-dulhan hein razi” aptly applies to them. Unfazed by the social rebukes or whatsoever, they are contentedly ready for their life-long relationship. Much has been said after their decision came to light and much has been written since they announced their final decision.

So far they are not distressed even an inch with stern social reprimands and even not to be swayed by those unnecessary taunts by the people who are uncomfortably distressed with their enthusiasm over wedding decision after irresistible love.

Tina Dabi and Athar Amir with their delicate feelings are at top of the world as they have attained both the heights by dint of their bright luck. They have achieved the best administrative service and even life partners with their mutual understanding. Then all those petty minded people are only sending disparate contours as a solid barrier against their amalgamation by the socially acceptable custom of marriage rites.

They are actually presenting this coordination as a passport of their choices. They believed that others ought not to speak in their delicate subjective decision. They hoped others had no right to speak because they had not wronged anything.

But this particular dotty development and disappointment by the enemies of love in their matter are not acceptable to them when they are brimming with intense confident throbs. They know the intensity of disgust of which they now care nothing by their perpetual posturing before a larger and vaguer mirror.

The harsh words are unquestionably disturbing them so much that their mental distress goes up causing pain due to the reactionaries’ imbecile happiness in all these days.

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