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Robotic surgery ensures faster recovery, minimal hospital stay for obese patients
Thursday December 22, 2016 8:09 AM, ANI

New Delhi: Robot assisted surgery is changing the lives of the patients who are diagnosed with or suspected to have early gynaecological cancers where primary treatment involves complex surgeries.

The biggest benefits of Robot-assisted surgeries are that they are minimally invasive and are performed with better precision and minimal blood loss compared to standard open surgeries.

At a press briefing held at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) today, patients who had undergone robot assisted surgery in the recent past shared their experiences.

The media briefing was done by Dr. Rama Joshi, Gynae Onco Surgeon, Robotic Surgeon, Director, Department of Gynae-oncology, FMRI in the presence of patients who have undergone Robot assisted surgery done by her. Dr. Joshi highlighted the key points on how Robot assisted surgery have manifold advantages:

- Minimal blood loss in patients: Ranging from the barely measurable (5ml to 50ml) at the maximum. As a result, patients do not require blood transfusions

- No long vertical incisions: As the surgery involves only four 7 mm ports, no long vertical incisions are needed.

- Faster recovery: Patients can start oral feed on the same day, a few hours post the surgery, with minimal pain.

- Discharge within a day of the surgery: Patients have gone back to their workplaces in about two weeks post- surgery.

- Lesser risk of infections: Robotic-assisted surgery carries a very low or minimal risk of infection.

Padma Kapoor, 81 years was diagnosed with uterine cancer and required complex surgery. She also had many comorbid conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart disease and knee replacement which were major concerns for an open surgery.

With proper workup, she was taken up for Robot assisted surgery where blood loss was minimal. She had a quick and smooth recovery and was discharged the next day on oral feeds.

Shilpi Goyal, a young girl of 25 years had presented with the diagnosis of borderline ovarian cancer. She underwent Robot-assisted fertility persevering completion surgical staging. She shared her overwhelming experience of an unbelievably smooth recovery post the surgery.

Kaushal Goel, 44 years with a diagnosis of endometrial cancer happily shared her experience, "I was taken up for Robotic assisted surgery. There was no blood transfusion. The pain was minimal and I was discharged the very next day after breakfast. My recovery period post the surgery has been very comfortable."

"Robotic surgeries have greatly improved the quality of life for these patients. Complex surgeries in gynae oncology in their early stages can mostly be handled with the robotic technique. Most of patients present with co-morbidities such as obesity, diabetes or hypertension and are between 50-60 years of age. Robotic surgery ensures faster healing owing to minimally invasive techniques used, least scarring and significantly reduced hospital stay. The post-operative chemotherapy or radiation therapy required in some high-risk patients can be started early. We are on the brink of new technological revolution that is sure to enhance the quality of life of these patients," stated Dr. Rama Joshi.

Dr Simmardeep Singh Gill, Zonal Director, FMRI said, "The Department of Oncology at FMRI has a very advanced and comprehensive cancer care programme with a trans-disciplinary and multi-modality approach in the field of adult and paediatric oncology. Dr. Rama Joshi and her team lead a group of sub-speciality of gynecological oncology which has achieved some new benchmarks in robot-assisted surgeries in treating women affected by gynaecological cancers. As per the records of Vattikuti Technologies, Dr. Rama Joshi is the first gynae-oncologic surgeon to perform 50 fastest daVinci robotic Gynaecology procedures in Northern India. We are grateful to our patients who have shared the stories of their recovery today. This is the best reward for us as a team."

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