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Speculating media, CBSE silence on 'tough papers' have left students confused
Monday March 28, 2016 10:53 AM, News Network

New Delhi:
Hundreds of thousands of Class 12 and Class 10 students across India have been left confused as the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) after issuing a brief note is silent on "tough" and "tricky" papers, with some allegedly having out of syllabus questions, even as media is coming with new reports almost everyday.

The CBSE Class 12 Mathematics paper was held on March 14 as per the CBSE date sheet. After the exam, students and teachers claimed that the paper was not only "tough" and tricky" but it also had out of syllabus questions. Some students compared it with the standards of "IIT entrance level", and some even alleged that the paper was leaked.

Following the clamor and with teachers and students both calling for fresh examination, the issue was also raised in the parliament.

The CBSE on its part issued a brief note assuring the students remedial measures before evaluation.

"The feedback received from various stakeholders including students, subject teachers, examiners will be placed before the committee of subject experts and the board will take remedial measures before evaluation", the CBSE said in a statement.

In the meantime, the CBSE Class 10 students also complained that their Maths paper was also tough and lengthy. The CBSE Class 10 paper was held on March 19.

Interestingly, while the debate was on regarding the Class 12 and Class 10 Maths paper, complaints were lodged by several Class 12 students that their Political Science paper too was tough, and beyond their level.

The CBSE however chose to remain silent on these issue while media came out with new stories every day.

The latest media reports say that the CBSE has advised 'Leniency' during evaluation, and some even suggested that the government is not satisfied with the CBSE decision to form a committee and favours a thorough inquiry into the paper leak.

Though the CBSE did not issue any statement officially, some media reports came out with reports that the CBSE is rejecting the paper leak claim.

“The CBSE would like to assert that the reports (about paper leak) are baseless. There has been no such leakage of question paper of any kind but only two questions matched with only one question paper set. But that is a co-incidence as these two questions are also from the NCERT textbook,” a statement reportedly issued by the CBSE said.

The CBSE denial was in response to the HRD Ministry statement which referred to news reports that the class XII Mathematics question paper in Ranchi and Dhanabad was available on WhatsApp on Sunday night, and that touts were selling 51 questions and answers near examination centres on next day.

Amid this debate, the worst sufferers are students, especially those eying career in engineering. They moan that the Mathematics subject is important and a lesser score in this subject will be deadly for their career.

"Career in engineering depends a lot on how much you score in Maths. Lesser marks in this subject will make it really difficult for us, especially in the situation where every single mark counts in tough admission procedure", a student said while talking to


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