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'Indian wives in regard to beating their husbands confirm supremacy of women upon men'
Wednesday October 19, 2016 5:55 PM, Shakeel Ahmad,

Wife beating

Couple's brawl cannot be a screaming comfort. There is too much emotional frustration if simple matter takes an ugly turn between the two inconsistent persons. Although they understand each other yet they do not fall short of the argumentative talks. Emotional outbursts lead to their separation sometimes only to repent them in their lives.

Who remains emotionally more abusive is still to be resolved? The wife has her own annoyance while the husband keeps his anger upmost in such kind of row or fracas whatever their relatives used to emphasise upon.

Their fight is a struggle whether it is fought in limited precincts or broader boundaries. It ultimately causes damage to both the open-minded parties. It is so because couples’ brawls are mostly coming about in prosperous families though it is rampant anywhere, everywhere.

A recent report has revealed that the Indian wives’ unrestrained behaviour has led to a notable spurt in the domestic violence. When we are entangled into the principle of gender equality with the reference of triple talaq and polygamy, a very fresh revelation on the Indian wives in regard to beating their husbands confirm the supremacy of women upon the men.

If the Indian wives after Egyptian and British women adorn the third position for this conduct worldwide, there is few to contradict their natural grit as a screaming comfort or a loud comfort or a wild comfort in any way. When such serious debate continues in our country, the indigenous couple begins to rub up to the wrong way.

Do the couples get what they are supposed to deserve or do they get what they tolerate in their lives? Disturbed with this unfavourable and unpleasant situation, the middle-aged husbands start thinking of second marriage. Such inclination leads them to relieve their tension after getting a new wife.

This propensity cannot be accepted as a very new trend. One fifty-five-year-old Jamul, a cunning person by his temperament, despite strong opposition from his first wife, has not deterred from entering into second marriage. “Yes, I am attracted towards a young woman with two children”, Jamul revealed to his acquaintances adding that my deep-seated attraction to that woman cannot be changed as she is now my second wife.

The comfortable conjugal life is possible only when both the husband and the wife lead life on their reciprocated affection. In another instance, following a short argumentative talk between husband and wife, the rift reached a crescendo and the wife decided to leave him. The husband repeated his love for the wife who continued to ignore his assertions. At last, the husband was stunningly unresponsive by her manner, behaviour and predisposition.

In another case, a middle-aged woman’s husband was off the cuff condemning his mother-in-law; she grudgingly tamed her growling husband who looking at her wide red eyes stopped. A different kind of woman is pointed up here.

Relationships are obviously not just about controlling another person in the kind of husband. It is also about managing oneself as a wife. Abusive languages are flown like arrows at the time of couple's brawl.

In yet another instance, a taciturn woman has so tightened her husband’s noose as he only followed her commands like so many such husbands. He obeyed his wife as if she is the real master. Whatever she asks him to do he performs without any interruption. He can be called a perfect example of Joru Ka Ghulam.

One short-tempered husband in a bid to pacify his argumentative wife has been following a routine ritual of dropping her to the office. He does not argue with her on any matter except for assisting her in every possible way. His dull face begins to glow at her encomiums and he starts celebrating the moment in a little more whole-hearted manner. He has promised her every opportunity to live her life accordingly.

Adam was also enchanted by Eve though she was born of Adam’s ribs. A woman was thus created from a man’s existence on this earth, nevertheless, the woman commands and man obeys.

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