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Second full moon of July will be visible Friday
Friday July 31, 2015 11:11 AM, IANS

Hyderabad: The second full moon of July will be visible on Friday.

One can look towards east to see the moon which will rise at 6.43 p.m. Technically speaking the moon will however reach its fully illuminated total phase at 4.13 p.m. itself, said Planetary Society of India.

The moon rise time for Delhi is 7.01 p.m., Dibrugarh 5.46 p.m., Ahmedabad 7.14 p.m., Kanyakumari 6.36 p.m. and Bhopal 6.54 p.m.

Depending on the observer's location in India, one should look east few minutes after sunset when moon is above horizon.

The first full moon of the month had appeared on July 2, in a rare phenomenon usually referred to as Blue Moon.

According to Raghunandan Kumar, founder and founder secretary of the society, generally in a calendar year, one full moon is visible every month.

In addition to those 12 full lunar cycles, each calendar year contains an excess of roughly 11 days due to the difference between lunar and solar years. These extra days accumulate, and every two or three years, there will be an extra full moon.

The last time the event occurred in August 2012. The next time it will occur in January 2018.

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