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Encourage The Courage

A nation, which is known for its civilization, has once again stood up against injustice, irrespective of caste, creed, region and religion. Dubai based writer Tufail Ahmad Khan writes about the event

Saturday July 1, 2017 4:10 PM, Tufail Ahmad Khan,

Not In My Name

Dear Fellow Indians!

The brutality and cruelty, which was shown last week by a mob, killing an innocent teenager, in the train, has moved me. I am sure; it must have moved you as well. Perhaps, this was the reason, people, in India came at one platform and shown their solidarity. They deserve all kind of praises, especially those who initiated this. Hats off to them!

I will not condemn the mob, which lynched Junaid Khan and seriously injured, and left his brothers wounded in the pool of blood. Not because, not condemning, does not bring justice to the family of aggrieved. Here for me and for all peace loving people, justice is the most important.

By not condemning them, it does not mean, I am with the culprits. What I have to say, this is mere reflection of the hatred, which was sown in their mind. The real culprits are actually those, who inculcated hatred amongst them, and prepared them for this act.

They are pseudo culprits, the real culprits are not in the reach of our sight. Sorry, they are in fact in the reach of our sight, we all know them, see them nauseating venom, but we are unable to catch them. Why? Perhaps, because, we believe in our law so much that, we started not believing in. They are at large. We are playing, catch me if you can! 

You lash out me and you may have your logic to do so. But you cannot stop me praising killers. Killers have guts to perform their act in front of so many people. Just because the courage they have, they kill anyone in broad day light and move freely. No one dare touch them. Where do they have the nerve from? The answer is, they have someone to support them, behind the curtain.

Just because, we fear of getting killed, we don’t open our mouth. The fact is that, we do not have anyone standing behind us. But the unity under the umbrella of “Not In My Name” which has been shown by some courageous people is encouraging. Please encourage the courage always, the kind of courage, which was shown at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, in Mumbai, in Kolkata and many other places across India. This will definitely, discourage the perpetrators and their accomplice, involved directly or indirectly in this heinous crime.

The perpetrators must have not come from sky. They must have been trained and brain washed somewhere (obviously not in any Madarsa), to act in such an inhumanly way. Obviously, not an individual but the whole machinery should be held responsible for the incident of its kind, occurred in past and shall occur in future.

Don’t blame me, if I am saying that it will occur in future. What we can do, we should come together and pray to Allah the most merciful the most gracious, such incident should not happen in future.

Not that we should only pray, but at the same time, we should do our best to stop the menace like those gathered at different places of India against this brutal killing and spewed out their anger.

I am unable to understand why peoples enjoying power, do not come forward and do their bit. Why they keep themselves away and do not condemn the act. Do they want this kind of acts to be repeated for the sake of their power (kursi)? Are they real culprits, about which I discussed above? I do not know. Really!

I leave it to the discretion of readers with the slogan Mera Bharat Mahan! Rather Mahantam!

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