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Making anti-terrorism alliance with Israel which kills innocents an illogical move: Kerala CM

Thursday July 6, 2017 8:42 PM, News Network

Modi in Israel
[Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu visiting the Israeli Museum for Exhibition on India-Jewish Heritage, in Jerusalem, Israel on July 05, 2017.]

As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrapped up his three day tour to Israel, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan slammed him saying making an anti-terrorism alliance with a country that kills innocents is an illogical move.

Virtually calling Israel a terrorist state, Vijayan said India's heart is against the brutality of Israel in Palestine and added that India is against how Israel sabotage Palestine people's fight and defence to live freely in their own soil.

In a Facebook post written in Malayalam, Vijayan said, "To forge an alliance with a ‘terrorist’ nation that is known for killing innocent people and then to term it an “anti-terrorism” alliance makes no sense. To partner with a country like Israel on key issues and to shape an America-Israel-India mould at a global level is dangerous, yet that is what PM Narendra Modi has done with this visit to Israel."

"India has always stood with the Palestinians fight to live with dignity on their own land and supported their fight against terrorism from Israel’s cruel violation of their rights on their land. The real intent of Zionist vision is not only to create an Israel that belongs only to the Jews but also to completely destroy Palestine and everything it represents. India had always recognized the true intent of the Zionist movement and had stood with the people of Palestine", Vijayan's Facebook post read.

"Paying no heed to the concerns raised by the United Nations on the increasing number of violation of human rights of the Palestinians, Israel has continued to be an aggressor and that is why India had always taken a diplomatic stand against Israel. With this visit, Narendra Modi has turned India’s stance on the Palestine issue upside down.

"At a time when Israel is facing global isolation for violation of human rights and most countries are shying away from forming a rapport, Modi’s visit has been celebrated there with much fanfare. It comes as no surprise that Modi did not visit Ramallah – this only reflects Modi’s mindset which is in sync with the Zionist ideology. In a diverse country like India where people of all religions live together in harmony, embracing the Zionist way is simply not acceptable.

"It is because of the mood of the Sangh Parivar that we live in front of the gunfire of the Israeli army, Unity in the Modi-Netanyahu joint statement is unity between the Sangh Parivar and Zionism ideologies. The unity of despotism, hatred and civil liberties became unanimous", he said.

"India, living in different religions, can never accept the path of Zionism. The decline of the Zionist nation and cruelty can be seen as a blind way for the RSS's communal agenda to gain acceptability", he added.

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