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Watch anti-Muslim hate monger Pushpendra Kulshrestha on YouTube

It appears that PK has a team that helps him prepare his hateful speeches, full of prejudices and biases against Muslims and Islam

Tuesday April 21, 2020 3:38 PM, Syed Ali Mujtaba, ummid.com

About Pushpendra Kulshrestha

[It appears that PK has a team that helps him prepare his hateful speeches, full of prejudices and biases against Muslims and Islam. (Image:YouTube)]

Watch out for this man whose name is Pushpendra Kulshrestha (PK) on the YouTube. He is a hate factory and has many videos on YouTube that are blatantly anti-Muslim and anti-Islam. Some feel he’s got some extraordinary oratory skills. He has a sizeable fan following and fan club that watch his videos.

He appears to be a hardcore militant Hindutva face on the internet. It is yet to become clear if he has some kind of protection from state, and also from Google that has allowed him to use the platform for hate mongering and harmony at a time when the world is fighting the painful war against Coronavirus (Covid-19).

It appears that PK has a team that helps him prepare his hateful speeches, full of prejudices and biases against Muslims and Islam. In his speeches, he directly asks Hindus to commit genocide against Muslims. He is brain washing the Hindu youths, inciting them to become militant and do violence against Muslims. One can go into the comment section of his YouTube channel to find people talking about starting a civil war against Muslims in India.

PK undoubtedly is a bigot and a rabble rouser. He thinks that Islam is the cause of every problem in the world. He wants to wipe out every Muslim from the face of the earth. He seems to be very clear in his agenda that Muslims do not belong to this planet and Islam is not a religion. He supports the New Zealand mosque attack. Such views are definitely disturbing the global peace.

He claims to be following the ideology of Veer Savarkar and his mentors are reportedly Col. RSN Singh (Ex-RAW Head), Major General G. D. Bakshi retired Indian Army officer, Ajit Doval (National Security Advisor) among others. He has been let loose on the internet since 2014 spewing venom against Muslims and Islam. Does he enjoy the protection from the political leadership that may have asked him to do such hate mongering to unite the Hindu community for political gains, this question needs immediate answer.

His speeches are full of hatred against Muslims, and he thinks Hindus and Muslims cannot co-exist in India. His shop is run only by rebuking Muslims. He wants Muslims either to convert or be ready to be killed. He is a threat to peace and harmony in the country. From his speeches it becomes amply clear that he is creating enmity among different sections of the society, and is a cancer for Indian society and he is a deadly destructive fellow.

I wish some social activist and lawyers may come forward and take him to task by filing cases against him. I am very confident he can be booked under Sections 124 A & 153A & 295 & 295A of Indian Penal Code (IPC).

SECTION 124 A: It is an offence committed when "any person by words, either spoken or written attempts to bring into hatred or contempt, or excites or attempts to excite disaffection towards the government established by law in India". It is a non-bailable offence and punishment under the Section 124A ranges from imprisonment up to three years to a life term, to which fine may be added.

SECTION 153 A: The act of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion and acts prejudicial to the maintenance of harmony between different communities, and acts causing fear or alarm or a feeling of insecurity among members of any religious community inciting violence against them is a cognizable offence.

SECTION 295 & 295 A: The accused is guilty of insult or attempt to insult other religion or religious beliefs of any class of citizens of India. The said insult must be with a deliberate and malicious intention of outraging the religious feelings of the said class of citizens. The said insult must be by words, either spoken or written, by signs or by visible representation or otherwise. The offence under Section 295-A is cognizable and a non-bailable and non-compoundable offence. The police have a power to arrest a person charged under Section 295-A without a warrant

There are few individual cases that comes into my mind that has hogged the media lime light and can be quoted as example, one is Zakir Naik who is accused of spreading communal hatred between communities. Second case is of Akbaruddin Owaisi, who too faced similar charges. Third is Sharjeel Imam, who is supposedly booked because police claims his speech led to riots in Jamia locality in New Delhi.

In a country like India, it is very important to maintain internal peace, which is essential for its progress and development. India is a country with different religions and cultures. Mutual understanding and tolerance for other religion is an ancient Indian tradition. This diversified and composite culture of India has to be nurtured very carefully.

However, sometimes few insane people like Pushpendra Kulshrestha becomes the cause of communal disharmony in the country. There are enough provisions in the law to deal with such kind of people. It’s high time they be brought to justice and punished in such a way to set example that none can commit such offence in this country.

[Syed Ali Mujtaba is a journalist based in Chennai. He can be contacted at syedalimujtaba2007@gmail.com.]

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