Last updated - Thursday December 27, 2018 12:31 PM
Muslim Minister in Madhya Pradesh

Celebrations over a Muslim Minister in Madhya Pradesh recede after portfolio allocation

There were wild celebrations, more in the media than in the streets of Bhopal, on Tuesday after local MLA Arif Aqueel was inducted as a Minister in Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Kamal Nath's cabinet. However, the celebrations in Arif Aqueel's own constituency ... More

Pakistan Corruprion Cases

Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari And Their Mega Corruption Cases

Nawaz Sharif was released on bail in September after a court in Islamabad suspended his 10-year sentence on corruption charges. He had been imprisoned two months earlier on charges of failing to disclose the source of his wealth. This followed a long-running case related to his family’s ownership of luxury ... More

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Textile Industry Slowdown

Chinese economy thrives while Uighur Muslims suffer, Indian Muslim weavers struggle

It turned out now that anti-dumping duty on Chinese clothes alone could not have served the interest of weavers in India. For, China has found a new way to bring down the costing of its clothes, that too, to such a level that it ... More

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Mass detention of Muslims in China: The goal is to rid them of devotion to Islam

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Modi Govt Interception Order

Interception Order To Indian Agencies: The Orwellian Nightmare Is Here

Today when the government released this evil decision to provide full power to these ten agencies to spy over each and every citizen it reveals the naked picture of our country and its present condition. Today when the government ... More

BJP after losing State Elections

Panicked after losing state elections, BJP will be even more aggressive on Ayodhya dispute

While Advani was the face of the BJP's Ram temple campaign at the time, Narendra Modi, India's current prime minister, was the backroom manager of this divisive enterprise. He later used the political capital he gained as result ... More


Cong failure to save Naseeruddin Shah's Ajmer event is a disappointing start in Rajasthan

Naseeruddin Shah, one of India's finest actors, had in a most moving interview to Karwan-e-Mohabbat, referencing his inter-faith marriage, family and concerns for his children, expressed his anguish at a situation, like in Bulandshahr, where ... More

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  Exploring Hajj

What is Hajj
Haj Qurrah 2019

Haj Qurrah 2019 is likely to be delayed by at least a week

Haj Qurrah 2019 - the computerised draw of lots conducted to select the final list of pilgrims embarking for Hajj 2019 is likely to be delayed as the last date for ... More

About Hajj

Hajj reflects true face of Islam in Unity, Togetherness and Humility

Hajj is an epic experience that can truly change a person through a spiritual cleansing that is profound. Islam came to eliminate racism and tribalism, and in due... More

Hajj 2018 Sermon

Only Tauheed, believing in oneness of God, will lead to path of success: Hajj pilgrims told

Dr Hussein bin Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh said that Hajj is one of the pillars of Islam which has been made obligatory ... More

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