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Mismatch of fighting Indian election on the crutches of bogy of Pakistan

India was caught up in a whirlwind of taking a binary position of direct confrontation at the onset of a fight between two groups

Thursday February 13, 2020 7:53 PM, Mustafa Khan

India Election and Pakistan

It is a pyrrhic victory for CM Arvind Kejrival in the Delhi Election 2020. The real battle is now looming larger than ever. Prof SAR Geerlani said it well it is not a matter of celebration but reflection.

A relatively humongous people of common descent and same language make nation state. They also pose a threat to pluralism as well as democracy. What had fascinated BS Moonje, Dr Hegdewar and others of RSS to Nazi Germany was that it had one religion, one language and one descent. That developed Germany into a strong nation. In Europe Roman Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians had lived together and there was no animosity at least in more recent times. In this growing terrorism infested times and huge migration of Middle Eastern population Europe also thinks in terms of asserting their identity on the basis of religion, race, etc. PM Theresa May was modern day version of Margaret Thatcher. The latter would not have Muslims in England if they remained willful in adhering to Sharia or fundamentalism. BJP government was in third year in power with Narendra Modi and it confidently believed that it would convert India into a Hindu Rashtra.

The UP state assembly election was coming nearer and the banners that went up in the wake of the surgical strike of September 28, 2016 had unleashed the kind of aggressive nationalism bordering on war hysteria. As if the pellet guns were not enough for Kashmir, India would have its own as it has already joined the select club of arms manufacturing countries of the world. The banners read: “We will kill you. Yes we will definitely kill. By our own gun, by our own bullets, by our choosing of the time only the land will be yours.” And below it was another banner which is the gravamen of all that went into the making of the present war like atmosphere which is reminiscent of what Amit Shah said in Muzaffarnagar that the time to take revenge against Muslims for insulting Hindus has come. The small banner reads: “27 years of wretchedness of UP” meaning that the rule of Congress BSP and SP parties made the people suffer. Was Uri attack, the surgical strike and worsening Kashmir situation after the death of Burhan Wani a replay of Muzaffarnagar before the 2014 election?

India was caught up in a whirlwind of taking a binary position of direct confrontation at the onset of a fight between two groups. After the furor created over nationalism at JNU then in politics there was a demonstration of it. All others do not matter if they do not toe the line of cultural nationalism [read ideology of RSS] of BJP. You can fool somebody sometimes but not all the people all the time. Even keel to sail on through this difficult time was out of consideration. What began at JNU on February 8 2016 regarding a village without a post office and Afzal Guru was like the village where Burhan Wani was killed on July 8[7?], 2016. A whole Pandora’s box opened up. As Modi’s recurring theme became terrorism it even pervaded the Bharat International Tourism Bazaar expo in Delhi on Tuesday October 4, 2016. The AAP minister Kapil Sharma remarked that as long as terrorism was in the valley the tourists would shun the valley. To this CM Mehbooba raised expectation too high in the sky saying that the tourists will give confidence to the Kashmiris.

To this Mishra said, "It does not work this way that we will not call Burhan Wani a terrorist but tourism will have to flourish in India. How will that happen? You will say Afzal Guru is not a terrorist and that he should not be hanged. How will tourism develop? It is not going to happen."

"She (Mehbooba) needs to make it clear if she considers Burhan Wani and Afzal Guru terrorists or not", Mishra said.

“This is the first time I met Mehbooba Mufti. I have asked her four questions. She once said that had they knew [known] that Burhan Wani hiding, he could have been saved. They consider Afzal Guru as a freedom fighter. If she does not answer, the BJP must answer as to why such people are coming to power who don’t love the nation and aren’t ready to recognize terrorists as terrorists. We are electing such people who are not even ready to say ‘Bharat mata ki jai'. I do not want to share any stage with her. Sharing stage with her is an insult. I am not questioning Mehbooba Mufti’s election; I am questioning her stand on this sensitive issue", Mishra further said.

This kind of dissent shows fissures in the unity acquired after the surgical strike. Sanjay Nirupam: "Every Indian wants surgical strikes against Pakistan but not a fake one to extract just political benefit by BJP. Politics over national interest(sic)."

"The way BJP was indulging in politics, putting up banners and taking credit gives a view whether such strikes did happen", Nirupam said.

CM Arvind Kejriwal asked the PM on October 3 to prove that the surgical strike was genuine in order to dispel the false propaganda of Pakistan.

Omar Abdullah also twittered: “And some people will lecture others about politicising the army action all the while turning a blind eye to hoardings like these that sprout.” “

As the banners were reeking with coming election in UP it was a direct threat not so much against Pakistanis but Indian Muslims. It was similar to the 2002 election in Gujarat when Modi had taken on Mian Musharraf to fight the assembly election. It was this that had prompted President Mushriff to take the genocide issue to UNO. This was and is the mismatch. The 2002 election in Gujarat and 2017 in UP are failure to correspond with the issues relevant to India. Similarly, putting a patch of subcontinent on IS of Middle East is also a mismatch because India has no locus standi in Syria or Iraq or Libya. Russia yes, but not India.

Digvijay Singh also chimed in when he sent links of articles which cast doubts on the veracity of the surgical strike. This according to him had put Indian credibility so low.

Chidambrum’s contention is that the government also had carried out a much bigger surgical strike in 2013 without a hullaballoo. A former General of the Army Shankar Roy Chowdhury said, "Those questioning surgical strikes are treacherous."

Between the killing of Wani and the surgical strike there is a blurring of who is a terrorist and what is terrorism. In India in 2002, the Sabarmati express train burning was terrorism but not the pogroms and massacres of Muslims? How? And CM Modi had chosen that accusation or blame without any proof. In Kashmir, Wani was held a hero and freedom fighter and not a terrorist, even Mehbooba demurred from calling him one overtly. He did not travel to Pakistan to learn from that Ivy League of Terrorism! Our national security advisor MK Narayan preferred to block the investigation into the burning of Samjhauta Express full of Pakistanis citizens on their way to return to Pakistan from India. Ultimately, the confession of Swami Asimanand based in Gujarat allegedly claimed responsibility of bombing Sabarmati train for which Lt Col Prasad Purohit supplied RDX and the Sunil Joshi module executed the blasts. Now, after so many years NIA director after visiting US claims that the fund for the the train blasts had come from America and implied thereby that it was the work of a Kashmiri, Ilyas Kashmiri. India had nothing to do with it!

Our country is also indifferent to what is transpiring simultaneously in Kashmir valley, at the LoC on the Indian border and Gujarat and Mumbai. Udhav Thackeray said that the proof of Uri attack would not be believed at an international forum. But surprisingly KP Raghuvanshi, one time head of Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) and commissioner of police in Thane and also the one whose niece from Muzaffarnagar requested him to delay the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and army from development so that more Muslim could be killed, is now joining hands with notorious DG Vanzara and former DGP Gujarat Shabbir S Khandawaha in forming an NGO, Justice for the Victims of Terrorism! Their coming together is like the three witches of Macbeth, by the itch of this my thumb something wicked this way comes! It's also reminiscent of the funeral of Mohan Chand Sharma killed in the Batla House encounter. Police officer Sachin Vaze had beaten Yunus Khwaja so cruelly that Dr Mateen, falsely accused in Aurangabad arms haul case, said that Yunus would die as he was vomiting blood. Vaze took Yunus in a police car and killed him saying that the car had accident. But the body was never found. Vaze and other such cops came to the funeral of Sharma in a show of solidarity smacking of what is transpiring in Mumbai among Raghuvanshi, Vanzara [who has now joined BJP as has the former commissioner Dr Satya Pal Singh and now a member of Lok Sabha] and others. There is a silent restructuring of a nation state which leaves out several sections of the society and it is tolling the death of pluralism.

The mismatch of fighting terrorism in name and not truth and blaming Pakistan has grown. Such is failure to correspond that now India has begun producing guns which Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and PM Modi have tried and tested the weapons in the exhibition in Yogi Aditynath’s largest state of UP for five days of display the targets are already chosen. It is courtesy call for our neighbours to be alert. We have had civilizational problems when PM Vajpayee swept the blames of the Gujarat pogroms of 2002 under the carpet in Goa conclave of his party instead of sacking CM Modi. Indeed Vajpayee walked with the crutches of Huntington’s clash of civilizations theory where only our neighbor‘s innards were found to be bloody!

However there are others we share the planet earth who have voice of sanity left. “Today, we see civilizational problems such as terrorism, violence, hatred, rampant greed, and pollution all around us. The society’s understanding of the solution is that with the spread of education there will merge well-educated people who as officers or administrators will creat strict lawys and execute them to root out crime. They will end violence, fill people with compassion, put a stop to rape and exploitation and find solutions for issues such as pollution. If that’s how we think we think wrong, but unfortunately, for now, that’s how we think. That is the bitter truth. …All countries in the world wish to prosper. They desire a certain kind of order, societal or otherwise. However, hardly any countries are utilizing their education systems to achieve it…We need to create educated people who can become resources and not officers or administrators.” [Manish Sisodia. Shiksha. Penguin 2019 p xv]

With education if the AAP has achieved hat trick the need of the hour is to share with the neighbours. But instead the Nero now in Delhi is still fiddling: "Our mantra is Make in India, for India, for world. In 2014, the export of defence equipment from India was about Rs 2,000 crore. In the last 2 years, it has gone up to Rs 17,000 crore. In the next five years our target is export of USD 5 billion, which is about Rs 35,000 crore."

[The writer is a retired professor. Views expressed are the writer's own.]

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