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Watch: Why is #Sherni trending on Twitter amid Hijab v Saffron Scuffle?

The lone Muslim girl continues walking even as the Hindu students chase and heckle her, shouting “Jai Shri Ram”

Tuesday February 8, 2022 7:33 PM, ummid.com News Network

Muslim Girl Students Fighting for Hijab

Bengaluru: Social media sites are flooded with thousands of messages since last few days amid the raging controversy over Hijab, and Saffron and Blue scarves. This prompted even the Karnataka High Court observing:

“I am getting messages from innumerable numbers. The whole WhatsApp chat is filled with this discussion”, a HC bench headed by Justice Krishna S. Dixit said Tuesday.

Amid the memes, videos, images and messages flooding the social media sites using a number of hash tags including #Hijab, #SaffronShawls and #BlueShawls, #Sherni started trending on Twitter since today morning.

This happened after a video showing a Muslim girl student wearing Hijab being shamelessly chased and heckled in a Karnataka college campus by some a large group of students who were wearing Saffron scarf went viral.


In the video that emerged from Mandya pre-University college, the Muslim student in Hijab parks her scooter and heads to the college building when students wearing saffron scarves shout "Jai Shri Ram" and advance towards her.

The lonely girl continues walking even as the Hindu students chase and heckle her, shouting “Jai Shri Ram”. Soon later she also lost her cool, raised her right arm and shouted Allah o Akbar – Allah is Great.

The video is being widely shared on Twitter with hash tag #Sherni.

"Ladki hoon lad sakhthi hoon, perfect example #sherni #AbvpTerrorismInKarnataka", Maheboob Shaik, a Twitter user said, using #Sherni with Congress election slogan.

Using the trending hash tag, another user referred lynching of Muslim and Dalit youths in BJP ruled states and wrote:

"This is called valour; Not attacking or lynching anyone in mob but standing against hundred of goons."

Deccan Digest, one of the leading news portals of Karnataka, tagged the video and wrote:

"Those 20 Seconds of Strength, Courage and resolve when the #MandyaHijabiTigress parked her bike and walked calmly, staring the Mob in their Eyes. #goosebumps!! #Sherni #hijab."

"How Dumb are bhakts, They Raised a Voice for Afghanistan women Rights but Destroying Indian Muslim Women Rights! #HijabIsFundamentalRight #HijabisOurRight #AllahuAkbar #Sherni (sic)", another Twitter user wrote.

Using the hash tag "Shameful", Dipsita, All India Joint Secretary of SFI and PhD scholar at CSRD JNU, wrote, "The harassment of young Muslim girls in Karnataka, both by the State and the ABVP goons, is just a trailer to BJP's ideal Bharat. Hindu Bharat. Absolutely shameful."

"A young student in a #Hijab being chased by Jai Shri Ram slogan shouting men in Karntka. This is just horrible. This is what bigotry does to a nation, We’ve gone from being a civilized country to a barbaric one pretty quickly. Shameful", anothet user wrote on Twitter.

Commenting on the incident, senior journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai, wrote:

"A new video from Ktaka shows a young student in a hijab being chased by Jai Shri Ram slogan shouting men. This is what bigotry does to a nation: divides us on dress, food and religion. When we should be worried about jobs for young, we focus on their dress! Shameful. #HijabRow."

Some Twitter users have also created memes to show their solidarity with the Muslim girl. Sample some of them:

The Karnataka High Court meanwhile adjourned to Wednesday, the hearing of petitions questioning the denial of permission to wear hijab to classrooms by Udupi Pre-University College students and others.

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