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Saudi Arabia refute reports claiming Robots to replace Adhan, Muadhins in Makkah

Adhan is called five times a day from the Minarets of mosques all across the world, including in Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem Al Aqsa. Read More

Thursday September 15, 2022 11:11 AM, ummid.com News Network

[Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais inaugurating the "Information Robot" for the Grand Mosque in Makkah.]

Makkah: Saudi Arabia refuted as incorrect and false the reports claiming that Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered robots will be deployed for Adhan – call to prayers, from the Grand Mosque in Makkah.

Adhan is called five times a day from the Minarets of mosques all across the world, including in Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem (Al Aqsa) – the three holiest mosques in that order for Muslims.

Besides, calling Adhan comes with a reward from almighty Allah, and also the Muadhins have a very special and significant place in Islam.

Moreover, Adhan from the two holy mosques is listened world over with a keen interest.


However, following the launch of robots for information delivery, some media outlets falsely reported that the kingdom is replacing Muadhins with robots. These reports have now been refuted by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques headed by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al Sudais.

“It has been falsely claimed by a number of media outlets that the Presidency of Haramain's recently unveiled AI-equipped robots that will take the role of Muadhin and call the Adhan in Makkah."


“This is incorrect.

“The robots will simply serve as a guide in terms of information delivery”, The Presidency of The Two Holy Mosques said.

Information Robot

The Presidency on daily basis releases information regarding the name of Muadhin who will make call to prayers, Imam who will lead the daily Namaz, and Khatib who will deliver the Friday Khutbah or sermon on its official Twitter handle.

While launching the Robots, it said these information will now also available on what it called “Information” robots.


“The President inaugurated the “Information” robot. The robot will be available in the Grand Mosque and will provide visitors with General Information, Lectures, Lessons, Khutbahs and info about Imams and Muadhins”, the official statement said.

However, some media outlets known for creating controversies and spreading rumours about Saudi Arabia and The Two Holy Mosques, falsely reported that the Kingdom has decided to replace Muadhins with robots.

The Presidency has however rejected all these claims and has also shared full video of Adhan being called from Makkah Grand Mosque. Watch Here:

Saudi Arabia is regularly using the latest technology to make the stay of pilgrims in Makkah and Madinah easier, smooth and hassle free.

It had recently deployed robots to serve the pilgrims Zamzam bottles, and also copies of the Holy Quran.


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