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Hijab-The Veil,

Why is so much fuss about it?

By Aleem Faizee



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One can easily recall the time when the US criminals planned the invasion of Iraq couple of years back, the French and German governments opposed US plans. Their opposition to the US led invasion of Iraq gave many in the Islamic world a chance to cheat the Muslim Ummah by propagating that these two governments are taking this stand to safeguard the Muslim interests, that they are trying to protect Iraq and that they are opposed to the illegitimate US aggression against Iraq.

But soon it became clear that neither France nor Germany had any minor interest in Muslim interests. On the other hand they also have a very long history of Muslim enmity and they had always sided with criminal US and its allies. who can forget the way they supported the invasion of Muslim Afghanistan and the consequent massacre of the Afghans. And if they had opposed the Iraq invasion by criminal US, it was just for blackmailing the US government to get their demands in post-invasion accepted.

It took little time to further expose these kind of people when French president announced banning head scarf, reason - it is a religious symbol. Though it was resisted tooth and nail by everyone, it once again demonstrated the antagonism these people have of Islamic Culture and Islamic Values.

Then came the recent outrageous cartoon issue in Denmark and the infamous provoking statement from the Pope Benedict. Although the demonstrations from the Muslim world resulted in the withdrawal of the said statement, first of its kind in the history, it again depicted the same kind of antagonism about Islam.

As if to continue its offensive against Muslims, now Jack Straw unnecessarily objected the use of Hijab and the Veil by Muslim ladies creating yet another controversy that is nothing but an attempt once again to provoke the Muslim community and showing the same old antagonism about Islam and Islamic values.

The objection only shows that Jack Straw & Co. are not at all ready to accept the very basic fundamental rights of a person. We hear and read that the west, that includes Jack Straw & Co. as well, is a staunch supporter of the human rights and not only this they have many commissions through out the world for protecting the human rights. Is it not a fundamental right for an individual to wear whatever he or she wants?

One wonders in the countries where walking nude is not banned but wearing head scarf or using Hijab is questioned.

In the countries where a person kissing his girlfriend (not legal wife) on the roadside is not questioned but if a Muslim woman tries to protect her dignity is treated as an act of offence.

In the countries where women get themselves dressed but clearly appeared undressed can still proudly (read it as shamelessly) walk on the roads without creating any furor. But if a graceful Muslim woman covers her body properly and wears head scarf and uses Hijab then people like Jack Straw & Co. feel uncomfortable??

Jack Straw & Co. must answer that if covering the body of a Muslim lady by proper dresses represents religious symbol for Muslims then what do the Christian ladies represent when they walk on the roads almost naked? Does they represent the Christian religious symbol?

No dear Mr. Jack Straw & Co. Neither the Muslim woman wearing head scarf represents any religious symbol nor does a Christian lady follow her religion when she roam on the roads in vulgar dresses.

It is simply the matter of dignity and pride for women irrespective of their religion. No one can deny the fact that how the so called western culture is destroying the poise of women and how this culture has virtually transformed the women into a commodity and how they are continuously being exploited by their male counterparts.

It is clear therefore for the women world over that there are two paths for them. One is the one advocated by the west and the other which has been preached by Islam. While the first clearly is opening the doors of the hell for them the later definitely ensures their dignity, pride and safety.

Both the paths are for the women and it is their sole right to choose the one. No government or individual has any right to interfere in this, let alone the “liberal west”, the so-called guardians of the human rights.



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I could not help but laugh about the way you connect religions and politic. While there is nothing in the propaganda that is worth mentioning, I like to point out that it is not true that people in western societies are allowed to appear in public without proper clothing. Nudity is not allowed in public.! I challenge you to send the last paragraph of the above text to the governments of Muslim countries like Iran, Iraq, Indonesia... Tell them: Both the paths are for the women and it is their sole right to choose the one. No government or individual has any right to interfere in this, let alone the "liberal west", the so-called guardians of the human rights. I challenge you to publish my comment to any and all Muslim forums.


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