Last updated - Tuesday June 25, 2019 11:40 PM
Income Ceiling

Income ceiling to determine ‘creamy layer' should be revised periodically: Panel

The Committee on Welfare of Other Backward Classes (OBCs) also said, in a report, that the income ceiling to determine the ‘creamy layer', should be revised periodically – three yearly or less. .... More

J&K Reservation Bill

Bill to amend Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act introduced in Lok Sabha

A bill to amend the Jammu and Kashmir Reservation Act, 2004 was introduced in Lok Sabha on Monday, paving the way for people living near the International Border to get benefits of reservation in jobs .... More

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1946 Interim Govt

1946-47 Interim Govt in India: A landmark of political accommodation and powersharing

A contrast was drawn between the wishful faith in that government and the fateful reality all around it. But then, it is erroneous to look upon the Interim Government only as a last-ditch effort to stall/avoid Partition. .... More

EV Adoption

EV adoption: Mandating deadlines can severely hamper vehicle dependent sectors

Perhaps, a gradual move in the right direction is more prudent not to topple the apple cart. Mainly, allowing market forces to work in tandem with effective regulations will help boost EV adoption in India in a smooth manner. ... More

Why Congress Lost

Explained: Why Congress lost the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections so badly

Overall, it looked like the Congress party fell into the trap of Amit Shah and fought the 2019 general election the way Shah wanted it to. Generally, the general election was centred on Narendra Modi and Hindu nationalism. This pulled the .. ... More

Education & Career

Budget Expectations

Nirmala Sitharaman's First Budget

Budget 2019-20: Conundrum Facing Nirmala Sitharaman

It would not be a stretch to argue that Sitharaman is facing the toughest task of all ministers in the Modi cabinet. The two significant hurdles currently ailing the economy.... More

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Budget 2019: Real Estate sector wants liquidity eased, GST changed

  Exploring Ramadan

Umrah Tours
Fasting in Ramadan

Exploring Ramadan Part I: Fasting is prescribed so that you may learn self-restraint

Ramadan, the Muslim Holy month of fasting is here again. Though most of us are aware of the virtues, and dos and don’ts of this holy month, they are worth recalling here so as to make best use of these ... More


Exploring Ramadan Part II: Offer prayers in Ramadan nights to seek forgiveness

Tarawih, the Special Night Prayer is the first prayer that Muslims offer immediately after the new moon pronounces the beginning of the Holy month Ramadan. Tarawih is sunnah for both men and women, and they are to be performed after the .... More

Ramadan 2019 Moon India

Ramadan 2019 starts in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh on Tuesday May 07

The Central Moon Sighting Committees in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh have issued appeals to Muslims in their respective countries to sight the crescent, Ramadan Moon or Ramzan Chand, Sunday May 05, 2018 corresponding to 29 ... More

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