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Dr. Mahathir's Speech

Opening the Doors for Some New Thinking

By Aleem Faizee




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At last Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohammad retired from his office. Dr. Mahathir has retired but he has left twenty-two years of ideal rule behind him for the developing countries, especially for more than fifty countries ruled by the Muslims Rulers that are succumbing under the blackmailing tactics of their enemies world over.


Although his tenure of twenty-two years was perfect enough for the developing countries to learn a lesson or two, his last speech delivered at OIC summit at Putrajaya was definitely an eye opener for those who were present there at the summit.


Although OIC summit at different locations around the globe used to be a regular show of mockery of Muslim Rulers and always ignored by the world media, this summit at Putrajaya has created a storm in the media, which normally does not bother to give any coverage to OIC summits even in their inner pages.


And this happened because of the historic speech by Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, embedded with some very brave and emotional yet eye-opening facts for the Muslim Rulers. It was virtually a charge-sheet against the Muslim Rulers who are in power in more than fifty countries. Still because of the poor administration, the apathies of the Muslim Ummah is escalating by every passing day. Just look at what Dr. Mahathir said in his speech:

“Muslims must acquire skills and technology so they can create modern weapons and strike fear into the hearts of our enemies. You must catch up with Western development to prevent Islam from being humiliated, looked down upon and regarded as a religion of terrorists.”


Pointing towards the need for them to go nuclear to defend themselves and combat the blackmailing tactics of the west, he observed:

“We need modern weapons. We need tanks, battleships, fighter planes, knowledge of rockets. These are the weapons that can strike fear into the hearts of our enemies and defend us. Muslim nations depended on others, including their enemies, for such weapons and received only inferior versions, making no effort to invent, design and test such weapons themselves.”


He thundered, in an apparent reference to developed Western nations, which he regularly accuses of being greedy warmongers targeting Islam in the guise of a war on terrorism and said:

“There is no magic in their superiority over us; they are mere humans like us.”


The lack of higher education among the Muslims was also in his agenda. He pleaded:

“We have to read and understand the new sciences, technologies that have contributed to the power and growth of those that are against us. We have to be patient. Over time we will become strong.”


And the anger, emotions and the eye-opening observations in his historic presidential address were not just sort of any temporary entertainment for the summit, but he really meant these things and ratified once again when he spoke to the media after the speech. He said:

“His call to Muslim nations to build up their military might was so they could defend themselves against attack by the West and not for offensive purposes. This idea of striking fear into the hearts of enemies is part of the teachings of the Qur'aan. If they are strong then people will not attack them. But at the moment they are not strong, and because of that, because of their frustration, their anger, they resort to acts of terror. Would the United States attack China? It will not ... because if you do that, you are going to face a very big problem.”


The speech had created the storm in the world media, however, has the Muslim Ummah for whom the speech had been delivered by its proud son learned any lesson from this, is still to be seen.


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