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Why Vape? Five Reasons Why You Should Start Vaping To Quit Smoking

Vaping is a good way of managing the nicotine cravings which come when you give up smoking cigarettes

Sunday April 21, 2019 6:38 PM, ummid.com News Network


[The more you smoke, the more your tolerance to nicotine rises. This means that you need even more to get the same kind of effect.]

10.8 million Americans can't be wrong, can they? That's how many people currently use a vape in the U.S. More than half of them are under thirty-five years of age. There are good reasons why almost one in twenty Americans reach for their vape on a regular basis. So, why vape? Here's the lowdown.

1. Vaping Can Help to Quit Smoking

Smoking cigarettes are one of the most addictive habits possible to take up. Some experts have even warned that it's as addictive as heroin.

There is a combination of factors that help make smoking such a difficult habit to kick. Cigarettes contain nicotine which is highly addictive and poisonous.

The more you smoke, the more your tolerance to nicotine rises. This means that you need even more to get the same kind of effect. The habit feeds on itself and can quickly spiral out of control.

The Smoking Process

Combined with this is the whole smoking process which can also become habit-forming and comforting. This includes checking your pocket regularly to make sure you have sufficient cigarettes.

There are many other issues related to this such simply enjoying the feeling of holding a cigarette between your fingers.
Putting your lighter and cigarette pack down next to you can be reassuring. There are other similar comfort issues to other addictions such as over eating.

The Dangers of Smoking

It is a fact that smoking is extremely damaging to our health. This is because it contains so many harmful chemicals like nicotine and arsenic.

Tobacco smoke can consist of about seven thousand chemicals. A lot of these are highly toxic and more than sixty are proven to cause cancer. It's thought that smoking may even cause problems with our ability to see.

Tar is the sticky brown substance that's created once tobacco cools down and condenses. This builds up in the lungs and can lead to lung cancer.

In a sense smoking creates self-inflicted health issues just like as a poor diet can lead to illnesses such as certain types of diabetes.

Smoking Harms the Body

Carbon monoxide is the colorless gas that gets released from the cigarette when it burns. It has no smell and when it gets into the bloodstream it's extremely dangerous.

It's harmful to the heart and other blood vessels in the body. Just over one-sixth of a smoker's blood can be carrying carbon monoxide instead of oxygen.

Imagine smoking rat poison. Well, that's exactly what you'll be doing when you smoke a cigarette. This is because the pesticides commonly used in tobacco farming contain arsenic. This poison is often used to kill rodents.

Managing Nicotine Cravings

In the UK, many thousands of smokers have managed to quit smoking with the help of a vape. There's mounting evidence that vaping can be really effective.

Vaping is a good way of managing the nicotine cravings which come when you give up smoking cigarettes. It's possible to adjust the amount of nicotine that you add to the e-juice so that you get the right amount of nicotine you need.

There have been many arguments for and against the use of nicotine in this way. Some have argued that using nicotine in a vape is still dangerous. That's because nicotine is a poisonous toxin.

However, it's thought you would need to be ingesting huge amounts of nicotine to cause any serious harm.

You're More Likely to Quit Smoking With a Vape

A recent survey showed that combining a vape with expert advice is extremely effective. Those who do this are almost twice as likely to stay away from cigarettes. This is compared to those who use other nicotine replacement products.

This could be partly because vaping allows the person to continue similar rituals to smoking. That means using vaping paraphernalia and their hands just like when they smoke cigarettes. The secret seems to lie in combining vaping with expert help from a local vape shop.

2. Vaping Can Be Cheaper Than Smoking

In many countries, the cost of a pack of cigarettes has risen dramatically over the past thirty to forty years. It's all part of an effort to help people quit and cut down on the large number of health issues which smoking can cause.

It is true that there is an initial outlay when you start vaping. This does not always need to break the bank though. There are even smaller portable devices available such as the Suorin Air.

Incidental Benefits of Vaping

Remember when you're smoking you need some extras that won't be required when you vape. This includes lighters and ashtrays.

You will also no longer have to consider many of the other negative effects that come with smoking cigarettes. Imagine always having fresh breath, and not having to wash your clothes because they smell of acrid smoke.

If you're a regular smoker indoors then you may be aware of how cigarette smoke causes paintwork to yellow over time. Vaping means this issue is gone forever.

Hidden Dangers of Smoking

Smoking creates a constant mess. When you smoke, you'll be often dusting ash off your clothes after having a smoke. Homes can be covered in a thin layer of powdery residue.

If you vape, the worst that can happen is having to wipe up a few drops of e-liquid from the tank. By vaping, you will also dramatically reduce the risk of causing a fire. Smoldering butts from cigarettes or cigars are known to be a cause of house fires. With a vape, the heated coil is sealed so similar dangers with a vape don't exist.

3. A Wide Range of Flavors

There is a seemingly unlimited amount of flavors to choose from when you vape. This creates a whole new level of fun which smoking cannot match.

It's possible to mix and match your flavors so that you create your own perfect blend. It's even possible to find e-juice that tastes just like tobacco. That could be ideal when you first try to stop smoking.

Some of the more popular flavors are coffee, cereal, bubblegum, and donut. You could even try the blueberry cheesecake, sherbet or a blend of exotic fruits like pineapple and guava.

Vaping Weed

Where it's legal, those who use medical marijuana claim vaping gives a much better result in terms of taste. It's a much healthier way to ingest weed this way even when it's for recreational use in places that the law allows that.

The herb is used for all kinds of medical conditions and to help in the reduction of chronic pain, and severe headaches. It can also help ease some of the unpleasant side-effects of chemotherapy and act as a sleep aid.

4. Keep It Social

Vaping means you may not feel like the social pariah you once were when you smoked cigarettes.

Many bars and clubs permit vaping inside because of the lack of potential harm to others there. This is in stark contrast to the issues related to passive smoking.

Smoking these days usually means you have to find somewhere outside to feed your habit. That can be anti-social as well as inconvenient. Because vaping does not produce butts that need disposing of, then you'll also be helping the environment.

Become Part of the Vaping Community

Vaping is relatively new, but it has developed into something of a lifestyle. It can create a sense of belonging.

There is a wide variety of fashion items to collect which are related to vaping. These range from t-shirts to hats. There are also specialist bars and shops where you can get to meet other like-minded vapers. These can be great places to swap vaping tips and make new friends.

5. Have Fun With Some Cloud-Chasing

Cloud-chasing has become a competitive sport among people who vape. Users work with varieties of vapes which have very low resistance coils. Special e-liquids are then used to make the biggest and thickest clouds of vapor.

The sport means investing in a vape mod. This is a more serious piece of kit. It's perfect for those who want to take vaping to a new level and enjoy customizing their vape with different extra options.

Vape mods often have more powerful batteries which means it's possible to vape longer.

Become a Cloud-Gazer

Cloud-chasing is thought to have its origins on the West Coast of the US. Most competitors say it started around seven or eight years ago. Since then it's becoming popular in Canada and Indonesia too.

In some competitions, the idea is to produce the most interesting clouds of vapor. All of this is under the watchful eyes of spectators who've become known as cloud-gazers. The competitions now have rules and judges.

Cloud-chasing is not without its critics and there are those who think cloud-chasing may be giving vaping a bad name when it's done in public.

Why Vape? It Makes Total Sense

There are very good reasons why it's wise to quit smoking cigarettes. Why vape? One of the main reasons is because it's going to help you kick the habit. It'll keep you healthier and save you money too in the long term.

Read more here about other effective ways to help you quit smoking.

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