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What is Assessment Centre and Why your Business should give it a try?

The assessment or development centre concentrates on a set of different types of exercises

Wednesday July 10, 2019 2:43 PM, ummid.com News Network

Assessment Centre for HR

Maximum businesses are looking for the strategies and tools that enhance their productivity and overall affectivity. What are you doing about your business growth? The first thing that you must do is work on your employees. You have to recruit only such candidates who are good enough, capable and absolutely professional. If you have never experienced any new, advanced and dynamic tool or instrument then give it a try. For example, have you used Assessment Centres?

What these Assessment Centres are?

It is a technique or method for measuring aptitude and performance; applied to a huge group of participants by trained assessors. They use various aptitude diagnostic processes so as to obtain information related to applicant’s abilities or development potential. As you can already see, it does not refer to a location, but it belongs to a procedure that is getting increasingly used by organisations to measure staff, either as portion of the recruitment procedure or for internal development and overall promotion. The Aptitude Diagnostic processes referred to in this aspect are the exercises and tests that the candidates will undertake during their assessment centre.

The assessment or development centre concentrates on a set of different types of exercises. These are designed to simulate different factors of the work environment. These assessment centre exercises measure how closely the behaviours of the candidate, that is required for the role, match. The assessment centre is usually going to last from half-a-day to that of even two full days depending on the degree of position a candidate are applying for. It is most likely that it will be conducted at the training facility of the employer or in facilities provided by the human resource consultancy that have been contracted to do designing and conduct the testing. Whatever be the matter, the point is the importance of assessment centre for hiring is increasing extensively. If you have not tried it yet, then you must give it a try now.

Recruiters Examine Skills in Real

Yes, you heard it right. During the assessment centre method, there are different types of Exercises to practically examine the calibre and skills of the candidates.There are exercises wherein the candidate has to perform the real life activities. For example, they might be given a problem to solve and they have to come up with the solution within a given period. In this way the recruiters might get to know about their attitude and capability towards solving the problem.

Role Play

Have you ever explored role play? Well, a candidate is given a role to play as per his job or designation. In this way there would be proper execution of all the tasks that the person holding that job does. The candidate has to play the role and carry out all the tasks that are related to that job. For example, he has to make decisions, delegate the tasks, assign the responsibilities, and come up with solutions for the problems and much more. He has to make sure that he takes care of all the things simultaneously. Similarly the seniors can also give him some urgent tasks that might be required from the person working on that position. Icing on the cake is that at the end of the task or day; the candidate has to give the presentation. In this way the recruiters would get to know about his understanding of the work, attitude, approach and behaviour. The presentation is going to say a lot about his work and personality. The candidate has to make sure that he gives his best in the presentation because it might be examined closely. Your strengths, weaknesses, ways of working, the presentation style, communication and other skills would get to light through your presentation. Moreover, once your role play task is over, you would be examined and ranked by multiple superiors and seniors. In this way there would be every part of your activity that gets examined in the most effective manner.

Pressure and Decision Making

Whether a candidate would be able to take the pressure? Can he deal with everything with ac cool and calm mind? Well, these are the things that the different tests in the assessment centres would examine. You would get to know about how the candidate reacts to a stressful situation. For example, if there is a problem how the candidate would deal with it is going to tell a lot about him. In this way there would be impartial evaluation of his pressure taking capability.

Similarly, you would agree that there are always times when the employees have to take serious and important decisions. Perhaps that is the reason the assessment centre exercises examine the decision making skills of the candidates too. The candidate might be given situations or landed in circumstances wherein they have to take decisions. In this way you can evaluate how tactfully and effectively the candidates take the decision. Moreover, you can also ask them about the reasons they tool the decisions. In this way you would know what actually runs in their mind when they take up decisions.

Group and Team Work Skills

You would agree that the corporate world working place has teams and groups these days. Sometimes the candidates have to work with other peers in the business. In such a condition if the candidate is not able to fit in with the team or group that would be dangerous for the overall product. So, the point is that these days’ recruiters want to be sure that the candidate is in a position to deal with groups too. He or she has to be comfortable working if they are told to work in a group. After all, individualism does not work in the group projects or team assignments. Certainly no matter how good an employee is if he or she is not in a position to work in a team, their skills would stand useless.


Thus, you might have already made up your mind to try assessment centre procedures for the recruitment drive in your business. You must go for it and the dynamic activities will get you better result.

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