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Complete list of stuff you should buy at Anjuna flea market and how to reach there

One of the most interesting aspects of the flea market is that you will find fabrics from all over the country here

Monday November 4, 2019 11:26 AM, ummid.com News Network

Anjuna Flea Market

When you visit a place as a tourist, it is obvious that you would want to go shopping. By looking for souvenirs, you will be able to take a part of the place with yourself back to your home. That becomes physical, tangible evidence of all the beautiful memories you have at a place. At the same time, one would also want to buy small gifts for his near and dear ones. These small gifts are symbolic of the fact that those people were on their minds even when they were enjoying themselves in a vacation. Now, despite the wishes to buy a lot of things, the biggest challenge that most tourists face is the lack of money. Being on a trip means that you would be spending a lot on accommodation, travel, and food. The Anjuna flea market will ensure that shopping is not your woe during your Goa trip.

Held every Wednesday, the Anjuna flea market has a lot to offer in terms of choice of items. Moreover, you will find something to fit every budget. In this article, we have curated a list of things that you should grab from the flea market at Anjuna Beach. But before we go there, let us first explore how can we reach the beach.

How to reach there

Goa has a good network of buses, and it is also the cheapest mode of transport here. Irrespective of the locality of North or South Goa you are staying in, it should not be difficult for you to find a bus to Panjim Station. There are frequent buses from Panjim to Mapusa. You can change buses here to find yourself a bus that takes you directly to Anjuna beach. Alternatively, if you prefer travelling in private vehicles, there will be several taxi services at your service. You may also choose to take a rental bike and drive your way to Anjuna beach.

Things to buy from Anjuna flea market

Home decor

Home Decor

The flea market at Anjuna beach brings exclusive woodworks. From artefacts and wooden carvings to personalized witting on wood, the market has it all. Irrespective of what the tone of the decor of your home may be, here you will find something or the other. The key is to keep looking. Naturally, this takes time, and we suggest that you keep half a day of your Wednesday schedule free for this. Also, we suggest that you are generous while applying your sunscreen lotion. If you are not careful on that aspect, these hours of shopping in the sun will cost you a deep tan that will be difficult to get rid of. In terms of home decor, you may also want to consider buying exquisite lightings. From lanterns to chandeliers, the Anjuna flea market has it all for you. If you have a beautiful garden, balcony or terrace, you can consider taking a part of Goa with you by buying some hammock from this flea market.


Goa is a land of spices. The spices were one of the main reason for the Portuguese settling down here. In the Anjuna flea market, you will all varieties of spices that you can think of. These are available for sale in whichever quantity you would want to buy. Other than that, tea is another commodity that is available in bulk here. Most of the stall selling spices will also have them. While shopping for spices and tea in the flea market, do not expect to find marijuana or drugs here. We suggest that you do not try to do drugs during your stay in Goa. In recent years, the Goa police have been very vigilant and have been cracking down drug abuse cases day in and day out.



One of the most interesting aspects of the flea market is that you will find fabrics from all over the country here. From Rajasthani bandhani scarfs to psychedelic punk clothing, you will find it all here. Make sure that while shopping, you do not miss out on the sarongs, Hippie style clothing and floral dresses that are the identity of this market. Interestingly, you will also find a lot of woollen wear here. The Nepalese traders bring it to the market and if you find something that fits you well, make sure that you bargain it out. Most of the items of clothing sold here are not on MRP and bargaining will allow you to get the best deals here. Although most of the clothing that you get in this market will stand out in your city or town, if you want something that is truly one of a kind, look for the boutiques in the market. There are some local boutiques who put up their stalls here, and if you are patient with the shopping, you will find designer stuff.

Anjuna Market Clothing Purchase

Shoes and accessories

If you are looking to buy some sling backpacks, the Anjuna flea market is the best place in the world. You might need to navigate through crowded, narrow pathways to find that perfect bag. But, trust us, the result is going to be worth it. There will be many stalls selling pretty shoes. The shoes might not be very durable, but they are low priced and a delight to look at. In terms of jewellery, you will find an interesting spread here. Indigenous work from different regions of the country can be seen in the earrings, bangles, and necklaces sold here. You will also find some Fresh and Argentinian stalls selling twisted wire arm bank, hair bands, fancy clips, feather earrings, and a host of other things. Such is the ambience of the place that you might end up spending the entire day deciding which jewellery to buy and which one not to. Thus, it is advised that you carry a bottle of water while heading out to the flea market.

Goa Shoe Market

Other than the actual shopping involved, the flea market at Anjuna beach is an excellent place for delicious seafood. So, while you are looking for that perfect souvenir, you can always treat yourself to some gastronomical delights. The fresh fruit juices (usually sugar cane or pineapple) are a welcome delight in the scorching heat. All in all, shopping in the Anjuna flea market is an experience in itself. The flea market is seasonal and usually starts by late October and goes all the way to March. If you do not want to miss out an experience of a lifetime, try to plan your Goa trip in this season.

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