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The Corona warrior of Malegaon whose phone never stops ringing

Dr Pervez Faizee was originally posted at Karajgavan Primary Health Centre (PHC) – some 14 kms from Malegaon

Tuesday May 12, 2020 1:41 AM, ummid.com Staff Reporter

Corona Warriors of Malegaon

[Dr Pervez Faizee was deputed to Malegaon as Medical Officer of Health (MoH) Corona Hospitals to manage and administer private hospitals taken by the Malegaon civic body to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic in the city. (Photo: Zohair M Safwan/ummid.com)]

Malegaon: Its 03:45 a.m. and he has just settled on the steps of a dilapidated building after attending a patient – a diabetic who was in need of emergency medical aid.

With mask already on his face and gloves around his hands, he packs up for Suhur – the pre-dawn meal Muslims take during Ramadan. But, his phone rings again – nth times on the day.

“Another emergency doctor”, his aide directly came to the point. “A patient is serious and urgently needs oxygen. His relatives had moved pillar and post to get one, but failed. Can we do something for him?” he asked.

Instead of going home he rushed to the hospital. And for Suhur meal, he asked his wife to send tiffin.

For Dr Pervez Faizee, a Medical Officer in Malegaon, working for almost 15 to 17 hour daily became a routine ever since Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) outbreak in the City on April 8.

Dr Pervez Faizee was originally posted at Karajgavan Primary Health Centre (PHC) – some 14 kms from Malegaon. He was deputed to Malegaon as Medical Officer of Health (MoH) Corona Hospitals to manage and administer private hospitals taken by the Malegaon civic body to tackle the Coronavirus epidemic in the city.

Malegaon Corona Hotspot

Malegaon has recorded 18 deaths and over 500 positive cases so far, 44 Corona positive patients found on Saturday alone. There is no “Corona Care Hospital” as could be seen in big cities. The Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) has taken control of Jeevan Hospital, As Sayer Hospital Mansoora and few school buildings as a makeshift arrangement to admit Corona patients. All of them are full to their capacity.

“Faran Hospital offered its services for Corona patients after the Malegaon General Hospital was reserved for general patients. We have 30 beds at Faran Hospital for Corona patients, all of them occupied”, Dr Pervez Faizee, currently working as its superintendent, told ummid.com.

While tackling the Coronavirus fury, Malegaon is also battling the unprecedented task of controlling the alarming surge in the deaths of people suffering from ailments other than Coronavirus. Unable to get timely medical aid, over 700 people have died ever since March when the lockdown was clamped in the City.

Commendable role of BUMS doctors

With Faran Hospital reserved for Corona patients and other hospitals closed due to the lockdown the onus of providing medical aid to local residents has fallen on the shoulders of private medical practitioners – most of them holding BUMS degree from Mohammadia Tibbia College in Malegaon.

These corona warriors of the City are visiting patients at their home, and seeking help from Dr Pervez Faizee – on phone, and in case of emergencies also requesting him to visit a patient, are trying to provide relief to the ailing residents.

“Whether it is early morning or deep late in the night, we always see Dr Pervez Faizee shuttling from one hospital to another to help patients”, his close aide said.

“Apart from taking care of Corona patients admitted at Faran Hospital, As Sayer Hospital Mansoora and Jeevan Hospital, Dr Pervez is helping round the clock the patients who are not able to avail the medical aid because of the lockdown”, he added.

Taking help of technology

Relatives call Dr Pervez for help. He asks them to connect him with their family physician. He requests the family physician to rush to the patient’s home, monitor and discuss with him the patient’s condition, and prescribe the needed medicines.

"This has been his routine ever since the lockdown deaths in Malegaon started mounting”, he said.

“Sometimes when he is held up somewhere, Dr Faizee solicits a WhatsApp video call to assess the general condition of the patient”, his aide said.

At the same Dr Pervez Faizee does not forget to advise the patients to take Covid test done.

Dr Pervez Faizee

Dr Pervez Faizee, who turned 50 in March this year, had worked under some of the very senior and best doctors of Maharashtra. However he developed the tendency of working overnight and going extra miles to provide relief to the patients during his tenure as Resident Medical Officer (RMO) at Sai Baba Charitable Trust Hospital in Shirdi 2006-08.

After joining the Maharashtra Health Department as Government Medical Officer, he rendered his services in tribal areas of the state. As a Medical Officer of Karajgavan and Neemgaon PHCs, he was instrumental in transforming and giving pleasant look to the premises. Earlier in 2012-13, he had redeveloped and renovated the Nampur Rural Hospital.

Fear of Coronavirus

Immediately after taking charge as Medical Officer of Health (MoH) Corona Hospitals, Dr Pervez Faizee worked overnight to bring in order Jeevan Hospital and As Sayer Hospital Mansoora that were in total disarray.

“What will go down in the history in golden words is his field work, management of the hospitals where Corona patients are admitted with little medical facilities, segregation of patients based on the gravity of their infection and in order to break the corona chain, and then making easier their release once their reports are negative”, his aides said.

“He even took wiper and cleaner in his own hands seeing the ward boys reluctant out of fear to clean the toilets”, his aides said.

Not the ward boys alone, majority of the local doctors, including those running their own hospitals, have chosen to remain indoors out of fear. The local civic body too is so helpless that it could not even hire drivers for the 11 mobile ambulances (Mobile Dispensary Seva) donated by Bharatiya Jain Sanghatna and Force Motors.

Before impressing the local residents for his services after Covid-19 outbreak, Dr Pervez was already known in the city for the help he used to provide to the patients in getting expensive surgeries and medical treatment done availing different government schemes.

“People in Malegaon generally hesitate in availing the government schemes due to lack of awareness and tiring paper work. Whenever contacted, Dr Pervez uses his contacts with medical fraternity and helps such patients”, his aide said.

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