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How Do N95 Masks Help Pave Way for a Healthier Tomorrow?

Understanding how an N95 pollution mask facilitates a healthier future is essential

Thursday January 28, 2021 7:24 AM, ummid.com News Network

N95 Masks

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, there was a general sense of increasing health awareness among people. But after the outbreak gripped our lives, the need to take health precautions became urgent immediately. We are at a point now where it is difficult to imagine life before the pandemic.

At the center of it all has been the importance of wearing face masks such as N95 pollution mask. Since the pandemic began, we have heard how a face mask can reduce the virus transmission rate. What we may not know is how an N95 pollution mask works to make that happen.

As we reach towards the end of 2020, there is hope to make the new year free from the pandemic altogether. Therefore, understanding how an N95 pollution mask facilitates a healthier future is essential. Let’s discuss N95 pollution mask function in detail to be better informed.

What is N95 Pollution Mask?

N95 masks are filtering face-piece respirators designed to reduce the wearer’s exposure to harmful environmental particles. These are among the respirators approved by NIOSH to filter at least 95% of airborne particles. They can filter particles of dust, mist, fumes of up to 0.3 microns in size. They may or may not have an external valve present.

A question that runs through most people’s minds is how effective an N95 pollution mask is. Understandably, there has been much confusion over the ability of different masks to protect us from the virus. The regulatory authorities made it clear that wearing any face mask is better than no mask when there was a shortage of N95 pollution masks during the pandemic.

A notable point here, however, is that the benefits of an N96 pollution mask are not just limited to fighting the battle against Coronavirus. Wearing a suitable face mask may be the right step towards a better and healthier future. Here is how an N95 pollution mask can help us achieve it:

1. Reduce Transmission of Virus

We are all looking forward to a Coronavirus-free future. The months of keeping inside our homes, wishing for it to be over, can end sooner if we follow the safety measures appropriately. As frustrating it may be to carry on with regular lives during a pandemic, we must not forget that wearing an N95 pollution mask as a personal safety measure is incredibly helpful in fighting against the virus.

2. Protection Against Air Pollution

One of the leading problems faced in our country for the last few years has been the increase in air pollution. More evidently, in metropolitan cities such as Delhi, there is a spike in health issues during the winter season every year because of air pollution.

Going outside unprotected under such harmful conditions can be catastrophic in the long run. By wearing an N95 pollution mask, you can limit your exposure to such pollutants to a great extent. In the bigger picture, N95 pollution mask can make a huge difference by keeping you safe against the consequences of air pollution.

3. Reduced Respiratory Issues

As mentioned earlier, the rise in air pollution is worrying for many reasons. The resulting respiratory disorders are the pressing ones. Each year, more people suffer from conditions like asthma and other breathing-related health problems. Also, the relatively younger and healthier population is at a greater risk of contracting such diseases today.

Using an N95 pollution mask for protection reduces the chances of respiratory problems. You can live a much healthier and better quality of life by doing so. Products like Airific 2.0 Anti-Pollution Mask by Nirvana Being are designed to provide the desired safety and efficiency. Its advanced nanotechnology blocks more than 96% of the pollutants and is tested with a VFE, BFE >95% by Nelson Labs, USA, to allow you to breathe comfortably.

4. Adoption of Healthier Habits

Given the circumstances, wearing an N95 pollution mask has been a necessary safety measure. It has become quite clear that adopting such habits in our life, regardless of the virus outbreak, has its benefits. It is a step towards a healthier life where you can make better choices to remain protected.

As crucial as it is to make the environment safer for all of us, it is equally important to take the necessary precautions in the meantime. You can live a healthier life by keeping such habits intact.


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