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6 Invisalign Hacks that will Blow Your Mind

Invisalign cost in India varies widely across different manufacturers

Tuesday June 22, 2021 11:33 PM, ummid.com News Network


The evolution of orthodontics has been impressive. Talking precisely about teeth realignment tools, they started with the prominently visible, heavy and uncomfortable metal braces and have evolved into weightless and invisible teeth aligners also called invisaligns. Invisalign cost in India varies widely across different manufacturers.

If you are not prepared to spend a high amount on your teeth realignment and are searching for an economical option, clear aligners can be your perfect pick!

We have collated a few common questions that people usually have:

● I used braces in my teens, but now my teeth have moved back to their original position. Will invisaligns work? Will the cost be higher than the ideal Invisalign cost in India?
● I have an upcoming special event, and I want to get my crooked teeth fixed; what’s the minimum period required for the process?
● I want to get my uneven bite problem fixed as people have been commenting on the alignment of my teeth. How much would the i nvisalign treatment cost in India?
● How much do invisaligns cost in India for adults?

Invisalign treatment is suitable for adults as well as teenagers. The minimum time required and the treatment cost is based on the complexity of your teeth alignment problem.

And, once you become an invisalign wearer, you need to know a few invisalign hacks to experience a smooth process:

1. Soak Them While You Eat

It is advisable to lightly wash and keep the invisaligns to dry while having your meals; this will help keep the freshness of the braces intact and brush off the excess gunk.

2. Switch to New Aligners Before You Sleep

To move your teeth to its ideal position, an uninterrupted period of time is required, and nothing can be better than your sleeping time for this process. Besides, when you wear new aligners, you might experience a little discomfort initially, which might go unnoticed while sleeping.

3. You Can Apply Lipstick While Wearing Aligners

Some girls might think that they’ll have to give up on their favourite shades of lipstick, but that’s not the truth. You can undoubtedly apply lipstick or lip gloss with invisaligns. Even if you get a mark on your aligners by any chance, you can easily wipe it off.

4. Have A Good Nail Filer

New aligners might unexpectedly have sharp edges, and if you ignore them, it might cut your tongue or mouth. If you have a nail filer, you can easily make the edges a little blunt and ensure safe usage. If you notice any serious problem or discomfort with the aligners, it is advisable to contact your dentist.

5. Your Invisalign Case

The invisalign case is as important as your invisalign. It is made of hard plastic, and you should have it handy every time, irrespective of wherever you are. Whenever you remove your braces for any purpose, it is advisable to place them in your case to prevent damage to them and avoid sticking of impurities. Generally, the Invisalign cost in India includes the case cost as well.

6. Avoid Coloured Lollies and Drinks

To protect your invisaligns from turning into a different colour, you should avoid having artificially coloured food while wearing them. Even so, if you want to have them, you can take off your aligners and enjoy colored foods like ice-lollies and drinks.

You might come across various options with high invisalign cost in India, but a few smile makeover service providers like toothsi offer teeth straightening treatment to a wide audience and have set the prices accordingly. Their team of orthodontists, technical experts and others help individuals leverage the benefit of teeth straightening treatment at home to help you get a complete smile makeover.

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