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Discovered: Super Earth where a year takes just 10.8 days

The exoplanet, Ross 508b, is billed as 'Super Earth' because of its huge size - four times our planet's mass, and which takes just 10.8 days to complete a year

Thursday August 4, 2022 6:51 PM, ummid.com News Network

Super Earth

Washington: Astronomers claimed to have discovered Ross 508b - a new exoplanet, located in the habitable zone of its Red Dwarf star.

The exoplanet is billed as 'Super Earth' because of its huge size which is four times our planet's mass and which takes just 10.8 days to complete a year.

The only problem is that this planet keeps moving in and out of its habitable zone.

"A recently discovered exoplanet skims in and out of its star's habitable zone. It's 37 light-years from Earth and about four times our planet's mass, making Ross 508b a super-Earth. A year there, one orbit, takes just 10.8 days!", NASA Explanets wrote in Twitter post.


Ross 508b was found by astronomers using a new instrument on the Subaru Telescope in Hawai'i.

Notwithstanding the problem with the exoplanet's movement, the discovery of Ross 508b still offers hopes of retaining water on its surface and could be an important target for future observation as the James Webb Space Telescope begins science operations.

The discovery is the result of a new focus being put on red dwarf stars which comprise three-quarters of the stars in our galaxy and exist in large numbers in the vicinity of our Solar System.

"To have the very first planet discovered by this new method be so tantalizingly close to the habitable zone seems too good to be true and bodes well for future discoveries," team leader and Tokyo Institute of Technology professor Bun'ei Sato said in a statement.


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