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Muharram 2022 Moon India Pakistan Live

Muharram 2022 Moon not sighted in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan; Ashura on Aug 09

Earlier Saudi Arabia said Saturday July 30, 2022 will be the first day of the Islamic New Year 1444 AH

Friday July 29, 2022 11:29 PM, ummid.com News Network

Muharram 2022 Moon India Pakistan Live Updates

Muharram 2022 Moon Announcement India and Pakistan Live Updates: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh officially confirmed that Muharram 2022 Moon is not spotted anywhere in the two countries on Friday (July 29).

"There is no report of Muharram Moon sighting from any part of India. The Islamic New Year 1444 AH hence will start on Sunday July 31, 2022 and Youm e Ashura will be on Tuesday August 09, 2022", Imarat-e-Shariyah Hind, New Delhi said in a statement.

Similar announcements are made by religious authorities in Pakistan and Bangladesh.


"The Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee on Friday could not sight the Muharram-ul-Haram moon, which will mark the beginning of the new Islamic year, 1444 AH", Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Chairman Moulana Syed Muhammad Abdul Khabir Azad said.

"The moon was not seen anywhere in the country on Friday (July 29). As a result, the new Hijri year 1444, the first day of the month of Muharram, will start Sunday (July 31)", Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Religion Abdul Awal Howladar confirmed this information after the meeting of the National Moon Sighting Committee at the Islamic Foundation on Friday.

Meanwhile, Moon sighting committees in India and Pakistan are still underway. So far there is no report of Muharram Moon sighting in India. Official announcement however is still awaited.

08:00 PM (IST): Moon Committee meetings are underway in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to decide the Muharram Moon 2022.

The Sky is cloudy in most part of the three countries. Hence a formal announcement of Moharram Moon is taking more than longer time.

06:00 PM (IST): Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and also those in Morocco and Britain, will confirm today the first day of Muharram and the beginning of the New Islamic Year 1444 AH.

A formal announcement by Hilal Committees is expected soon after Maghreb prayers today evening.

The Islamic Calendar, a lunar system, is based on sighting of the new moon on the 29th day of every month. If the new moon is sighted then the new month start on the following day. Else, it starts a day later.

Islamic Calendar History

The Islamic Calendar was established 1443 years ago by the second Caliph Omar ibn Khattab. Before that Muslims in their respective provinces, following the Arab tradition of the time, were counting the days and months – with sighting of the new moon and counting the days thereafter without following any particular calendar or dating system.

After the Islamic State spread to new areas beyond the Arab land, the limitation in the system began to surface and the need for a better and accurate calendar was felt.

"The Caliph, the Supreme Head of the Islamic State, was used to issue all the Guidelines and Pronouncements to the Governors of various Islamic Provinces from Madinah. Things were actually working fine", Rehnuma, a student of Islamic studies, explains.

"But confusion arose when contradictory orders started reaching far away provinces at the same time. Since these orders were not carrying any date, it became very difficult for the Governors to find out which one of the orders was the latest and supposed to be followed with", she adds.

To overcome the confusion, Caliph Omar finally decided to introduce the Islamic Calendar and asked the people for their opinions and suggestions on the matter.

04:30 pm (IST): Muharram moon sighting is also important because it will also confirm the date of Ashura - the 10th of Muharram when manu Muslims observe fast.

Ashura Day Fasting

Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) fasted on the day of Ashura, 10th Muharram, in Makkah, and also after migration to Madinah. When fasting during the month of Ramadan became obligatory, the fast of Ashura was made optional.

Youm e Ashura, as the 10th day of Muharram al Haram, is referred as in the Islamic History, was of paramount importance even before the Prophet (Peace be upon him). When the Prophet (Peace be upon him) migrated to Madinah he found local Jews observing fast on the day. He asked the reason.

“Prophet Moses (Peace be upon him) was liberated from the clutches of Pharaoh on this day. This is why we fast on this day”, they replied.

To this, the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, “We have more claim over Moses than you.” So he fasted on the day and also asked other Muslims to fast. This hadith is reported by a number of companions.

02:30 PM (IST): Along with deciding the 1st day of the Holy Month of Muharram al Haram and the beginning of the Islamic New Year 1444 AH, today will also confirm the date and time of Youm e Ashura – observed on 10th of Muharram, in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Morocoo, UK and other countries.

Ashura Significance

Though Ashura nowadays is known for the tragic shahadah of Hadhrat Hussain ibn Ali (R.A.), it was considered significant even during the days predating Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). [Read Here: Karbala: How a Political Skirmish became Religious]

09:00 AM (IST): Moon sighting committees, Ruyat e Hilal Committees, have issued appeals to Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Kingdom (UK), Singapore and Morocco to sight the new moon of the Holy Month of Muharram al Haram today i.e. Friday 29th of Dhul Hijjah 1443 AH corresponding to July 30, 2022.

Similar appeals to sight the new moon of Muharram 1444 AH have also been issued by religious authorities in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries.

The moon sighting committees in the these countries have also called special meeting after Maghreb Salah today to analyse and confirm moon sighting and announce the beginning of the month of Moharram al Haram and the first day of the Islamic New Year 1444 H.

The meetings will be held at different locations including New Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad in India, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Islamabad in Pakistan, and Dhaka in Bangladesh.

Two Possibilities of Muharram 2022

Muharram al Haram is the first month of the Islamic Calendar. Hence, if the new moon is sighted today the New Islamic Year i.e. 1444 Hijrah in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, UK, Iran and Morocco will start from Saturday July 30, 2022 i.e. along with the Muslims in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

In case the new moon is not sighted today, July 30 will be counted as the 30th day of Dhul Hijjah 1443 and the month of Muharram, and the Islamic New Year 1444 AH, in these countries will start from Sunday July 31, 2022.

Accordingly, Youm e Ashura observed on 10th of Muharram will be either on August 08 or 09, the exact date will be decided after the Muharram Moon Announcement today.

Muharram 2022 in Saudi Arabia, other Arab states

Earlier Saudi Arabia said Saturday July 30, 2022 will be the first day of the Islamic New Year 1444 AH. The decision was taken after the Muharram Moon was not sighted in Saudi Arabia.

Accordingly, Muslims across the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and other Arab states except Morocco, have marked the start of the New Islamic Year 1444 H on Saturday July 30, 2023 and the first day of the Holy Month of Muharram al Haram.


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