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Renames road after Karkare, Launches website in Urdu

Tokenism ruling MMC as people cry for Action

Saturday, June 20, 2009 07:56:51 AM, Aleem Faizee


 Shaheedon ki Yadgaar

waiting for completion and martyrs name since years

More Pains

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Malegaon: The Malegaonians, the beleaguered people of Malegaon, are very vocal in blaming the Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) for blatant inaction. They also substantiate their claim by pointing towards the ground realities. However at the end of the day when it actually comes to asking serious questions to their representatives and the local administration vis-à-vis their performance in the town, empty promises, emotional issues, tokenism and few rounds of photographs with Saheb are enough to pacify them.  Having learnt a lesson over the years, the Civic Body too has now mastered in fooling the people. Hence it is not surprising to see the Civic Body resorting to tokenism instead of addressing the real issues.


After the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, the Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) was quick in declaring to rename the road originating from Bhikku Chowk, the unfortunate place that saw the deadly terrorist strike on September 29, 2008 leaving several people into pieces, after the slain ATS Chief Hemant Karkare. Hemant Karkare is the man credited for exposing and detaining the Hindu Terrorists who allegedly planned and executed the blast in Malegaon a day before Eid Al Fitr, the Muslim festival to celebrate the end of the fasting month Ramadan. The high regards for the man was palpable in Malegaon ever since he exposed the hitherto hidden face of the Hindu Terrorism. To this date people fail to believe the man could have been killed like this. On the expected lines, hence, the decision began receiving unprecedented praise from the Malegaonians the moment it appeared in the local media.


Recently the Malegaon Municipal Corporation (MMC) sprang a surprise yet again. This time it is the decision to launch its website in Urdu that is receiving the applause from every corner of the city. “Malegaon is among the few places in India where Urdu is flourishing with the speed as it was hundred years before. Having a website in Urdu for the Corporation that represents a city that has a poet almost in every street is really amazing”, says Aaftaab Siddiquee. Aaftaab though works in a powerloom factory is himself a poet.


Malegaon Corporation had registered a domain in January this year. The erstwhile Municipal Commissioner with a pace for which he was famous in the Corporation, began designing the website initially in English and then produced its exact replica in Urdu. Though the website was still under construction, he decided to make online whatever pages were available with him.


“Raut is known for working with a speed which is rarely visible in today’s bureaucracy. Immediately after we registered the domain, he along with a couple of colleagues began vigorously working with us. Once the layout was approved, he ordered to make online whatever pages were ready”, says Razee Anwer, the Software Engineer who is designing the website. “Sudhir Raut was so excited that he requested us to design the Urdu replica of the site as soon as possible. Though it was earlier planned that first the complete website would be designed in English and then in other languages, looking at his excitement, we produced few pages in Urdu that are the exact replica of the English pages and made them online”, informs Razee.


Tokenism sans wholehearted Effort

Ironically the Malegan Municipal Corporation (MMC) that has now become famous for leaving a project incomplete did the same once again. The website that began with remarkable speed came to a halt after Sudhir Raut was transferred from the town sometimes in March.


When contacted the incumbent Commissioner Jeevan Sonawane to know the status of the website he expressed ignorance saying he did not have any idea if the Corporation had planned any website.


Interestingly Razee, the software engineer also received the similar reply from the Municipal Commissioner. “To proceed we needed the contents from the Corporation and after we failed in pursuing with the officers who were working with us till now we directly contacted the incumbent Commissioner but he said he did not have any idea about the website”, Razee recalls before adding, “More than his ignorance it was his inept attitude that shocked us the most.”


Since then which according to a senior correspondent with The Washington Post resembles any American Corporation’s website and which is the only website in the country for a government body that has been designed in Urdu, in line with many other projects in the city, is gathering the dust.


The half-hearted and lackluster attitude of the local administration does not end here. Months after the decision to rename the road from Bhikku Chowk after slain ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, it is still waiting to this date for a proper declaration and a board or any mark for a visitor.


On contacting Mayor Najmuddin said to, “The decision to rename the road after Hemant Karkare is final and had also been approved in the general body meeting. The board could not be placed because of the election code of conduct. But we would be doing it now in a day or two.”


Same is their attitude in case of putting the names of the freedom fighters over Shahidon ki Yadgaar, the memorial reconstructed after spending lakhs of rupees to commemorate the martyrs who had laid down their lives during the freedom struggle in Malegaon. Despite persistent efforts by various political groups and local NGOs the Civic Body, hands in glove with a bunch of people who are opposing the project, refuses to complete Shahidon ki Yadgaar. The matter is pending since so many years that if we try to put questions, nobody in the civic body is ready to even talk on the issue.



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Malegaon has very complicated issues. Needs whole-hearted efforts from all.

S Chokalingham (IAS)

Former Collector Dist Nashik

now Additional Commissioner, Sales Tax (Maharashtra)


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