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Malegaon Pays Tribute to the

Mumbai Martyrs

Saturday January 31, 2009 03:11:07 PM, Team ummid



Video: Message of Unity from Malegaon

'India Unity'

An English Play briliantly staged by Little Kids


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This year on January 26, 2009 the Republic Day function all over the country was adorned by the memories of those killed in the Mumbai terror attack on November 26, 2008. The slain cops that included ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, Assistant Commissioner Ashok Kamte and Inspector Vijay Saleskar were specially remembered by everyone along with the every individual who sacrificed their lives in the terror attack. The nation paid tribute to these martyrs while celebrating the 60th Republic Day. The government announced various awards in their honor.


Malegaon that had specially sent a delegation from the town to attend the funeral of Hemant Karkare was not behind in remembering the martyrs. Every function that was organized to commemorate the Republic Day saw the martyrs being remembered with highest regards and due honor. The day ended with the Police Department led by Additional Superintendent of Police Sanjay Patil organizing a special program to pay tribute to the slain cops. Sanjay Patil personally showed the glimpses of the slain cops, their funeral processions and few of their inspiring videos on computer projector.


The interesting video session was followed by a colorful yet somber orchestra performed by Kalpana Patil, Nazeer Khan and their troop who had come from nearby Aurangabad. Yaad Karo Qurbaani, as the theme of this program ran backside of the platform, the singers came and paid their tribute by singing the selected heartbreaking patriotic songs from the Hindi movies.


Local kids added glamour to the event by joining the program and paying tribute to the martyrs by singing in their melodious voice. A large number of people from every section of the society including women and children thronged the venue and glued to the event till late in the chilly evening.



Video: Glimpses of the Program organized by

Malegaon Police to pay tribute to the Mumbai Martyrs




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Veergaon Ka Veer

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Weather it is the riot or terrorist attack, the victims are always the common men and the police personnel...Read Full





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