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Why Should You Start Online Tutoring, In Addition To Offline Tutoring

Friday September 22, 2017 11:36 PM, Chaitra R for

Online Tutorials

If you are running your tutoring institute or doing private tutoring, then you should know that the next huge thing in tutoring industry is online tutoring. If still you are not convinced about feasibility of online tutoring, here we are giving couple of pointers for the same.

With the development of tools for online tutoring, beginning and dealing an online tutoring website is easy and inexpensive. myTutoring’s smart online tutoring platform is very easy to learn, use and good for your pocket as well.

If you have a successful in-person tutoring business, beginning online tutoring should be logical next step to build your tutoring business.

Students are very tech-savvy and tuned in to different tools used in online tutoring, so you don’t need to worry on that end. More importantly, they are asking for it. Online tutoring saves their commuting time and helps them to reach out to the best teachers who are not in their geographical region. According to estimates, in next 5 years online tutoring will be overtaking offline tutoring.

Just because online tutoring is advantageous to your tutoring business doesn't mean there are no initial hard work required. There are two kinds of work you would need to take care; technical and marketing.

myTutoring will thoroughly deal with the previous. Since we have helped many tutoring institutes in starting their online business, we know the kind of challenges faced, so we can help you here also.

Many individuals stress over high advertising costs for web based coaching. Here I need to state that promoting in online world is far less expensive than doing likewise in disconnected world. In the meantime, there are many absolutely free internet advertising assets, similar to online networking (facebook, twitter and so forth), blog, sends, and so forth

Many people worry about high marketing costs for online tutoring. Here I want to say that marketing in online world is far cheaper than doing the same in offline world. At the same time, there are many totally free online marketing resources, like social media (facebook, twitter etc), blog, mails, etc

Having said this, your biggest and best marketing channel will still be word of mouth ie. referrals. Nothing can replace that. But after that you can have many more channels to market yourself. We at myTutoring help our partners in getting started in online marketing.

An online tutoring website will carve out your own space online. It will put your voice into the online world on your terms, be it YouTube videos, blog articles, or tweets.

Having said all this, it will take some time for you to get noticed. However, there are solutions, which will get you instant results, but they will be expensive. These solutions are called paid search results, like Google PPC and Facebook ads.

If you keep looking from outside, it might appear difficult, techy and costly. However if you are willing to take the plunge, online tutoring business offers you far more benefits than offline. We, at myTutoring will help you in starting your online tutoring business.

[This article is written by Chaitra R, Digital Marketing Specialist at myTutoring, a smart online tutoring platform to start online tutoring business.]

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