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Five Promising Unusual Careers to Choose in 2019

If you are bored with conventional career choices, here’s a list of professions you could choose to pursue

Tuesday January 15, 2019 2:06 AM, ummid.com News Network

Unusaul Career Options

Mumbai: As the world inches towards the end of the second decade of this century, career options are far from what they were ten years back. Look around and you will see more than just doctors, engineers, and managers. People have made successful careers for themselves in fields considered unusual from an academic perspective.

If you too are of an offbeat nature and are bored with the conventional career choices, here’s a list of professions you could choose to pursue.

1. Ethical Hacker

You guessed it right, hacking can be a professional. But unlike the “unethical” hackers who steal data and money via the internet, an ethical hacker does quite the opposite. Also known as cybersecurity experts in a broader sense, ethical hackers are employed by organizations to protect their data and resources connected to the internet. Now that the internet has penetrated almost every aspect of our society, the demand for ethical hackers has risen by a huge margin and will keep rising. Salaries of cybersecurity experts are very lucrative, and it can be a good career choice rather than a regular software engineering.

2. Social Media Marketer

This profession popped up just a few years ago and is one of the most lucrative offbeat career options to choose in 2019. Social media is a giant beast that keeps on growing, and websites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube will continue to gain more users than ever this year. Businesses and brands need professional help to maintain and grow their image online on social media channels. This is handled by social media marketers. And the more experienced you are, the more salary you get. A social media marketing professional analyses the habits and patterns of social media users and comes up with online marketing strategies accordingly for wider impact. So, if you are interested in pursuing a career in marketing, you might as well switch to social media marketing.

3. Paramedics

If you are interested in the medical field, this might catch your attention. A paramedic is a highly trained medical professional who works in emergency environments. Paramedics are responsible for reaching major accident spots first and providing urgent treatment to the injured persons while transporting them to the hospital. Paramedics are trained and authorized to deliver oral and intravenous medications and also use highly complex medical equipment. The health sector is always in need of well-trained paramedics, and paramedical science has become the backbone of medical treatments. Paramedics are in high demand, and the job comes with a high pay scale.

4. Personal Trainer

The fitness industry is one of the most profitable ones. Nowadays people are more conscious about their body and fitness. They need that extra supervision, support, and motivation along with the right diet and workout plans to achieve their body goals. This is when they hire personal trainers. On average, a personal trainer handles at least six to eight clients every day. And depending on the level of experience can earn an exorbitant amount of money. Of course, it’s not an easy job. And you yourself need to achieve a great body in order to take clients into your confidence. You also need to complete Personal Training certification courses and work in various gyms first before freelancing. A personal trainer’s job involves creating the right workout and diet plans for clients to help them achieve target results in a set amount of time.

5. Chartered Accountant

You must have heard jokes about how long it takes to clear the CA exam and finally become a Chartered Accountant. Well, it definitely is a tough field to crack. And you must be very smart, quick, and skilled in the numbers game to become a CA. Once you pass out, you need to specialize in a domain like finance, business, taxation, auditing, law, etc. Chartered Accountants are employed by organizations and governments and receive opportunities from all over the world. The salaries and perks that come with this profession are great. And the job is one of the most secure and inflation-proof career options. Read more about the details of the career in Chartered Accountancy.

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