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Here's How You Can Help COVID-19 Researchers

If it will indeed take researchers 18 to 36 months to make a cure, by that time people will die in numbers

Wednesday June 17, 2020 9:16 AM, ummid.com News Network

Corona Research

We all want this COVID-19 nightmare to end soon. As you read this article, more than 8.1 million people globally have been infected by this communicable disease, and the lifestyle of billions of people has been affected due to lockdowns.

Scientists are working day in and day out to find any type of cure such as medication that can reduce the effect of coronavirus or vaccine that can enhance our immune system to fight against this contagious disease. But according to the researchers, it can take months before they can make a vaccine.

If it will indeed take researchers 18 to 36 months to make a cure, by that time people will die in numbers. That’s why it is advisable to help researchers who are searching for the cure as it will fasten their process.

But before you help scientists, you should help yourself by getting insured with a health insurance policy, as it will take care of you financially in case of medical urgencies. Now, let’s look at how you can help Covid-19 researchers:

Join a Registry

The registry is like an online dating site, but instead of getting a match for a date, you will get scientific research. A registry is a list of people who are willing to let researchers contact them for a scientific study. You don’t need to take part if you don’t want to. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is urgent to grow these registries so that scientists can reach to people when a new study starts.

Join a Symptom Tracking Study

You can help researchers track coronavirus through crowdsourcing. It will only take you a minute or a day or a week to tell the researchers if you’re experiencing symptoms. This study will help to spot early signs of second waves (predicted by scientists) of cases as many cities in our country have started opening businesses and recreational activities.

Join an Antibody Test Study

We have seen many people got recovered from COVID-19 (especially young people). They got cured because their body generated antibodies by themselves which help them fight coronavirus. Researchers can take samples from these recovered patients and can see what helped them recovered.
People with no known history of COVID-19 symptoms can also participate who are willing to do an at-home blood draw that captures the equivalent of a couple of drops of blood.

Find a Clinical Trial

Before any treatments, devices, and prevention strategies like medicines or vaccines comes to the market, it needs to go through a clinical trial, where they are tested on volunteers. These studies help to test whether the vaccine is safe, shows no symptoms, and effective enough for widespread use or not.

Many of these clinical trials right now are focusing on testing people who are diagnosed with COVID-19. Researchers are experimenting with therapies on these patients. If you know someone who is diagnosed with COVID-19, make sure you take them to the hospital that is doing clinical trials. This will fasten the trail, and we will soon get some vaccine or medication out of it.

The ways mentioned above will surely help researchers in finding a cure for coronavirus soon. You should also buy coronavirus health insurance from reputable insurers to stay safe and financially secure.

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