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Coronavirus: Are we really left without God?

The religious scholars have failed to understand that Coronavirus is not a torment

Sunday March 22, 2020 11:54 AM, Mohammad Mahdi, ummid.com

Coronavirus and God

As we know that now we have entered a new age. The age of networks and modern science associated with the quantum level study. The world is making its progress very fast by having new discoveries and inventions. By the beginning of this year 2020, Coronavirus - a very mysterious and highly muted virus surfaced on this planet. The virus, also known as COVID – 19, was reported as one of the deadliest viruses of this decade. We know how to have preventions and precautions about the disease. Here I want to explain what religion teaches us about such situations. We are having many misconceptions about the virus. The religious scholars are telling us that it is a torment from God. Others are saying that it is just to warn us of our sins. Everybody is giving a different opinion about the Coronavirus Outbreak. But, the religious scholars have failed to understand that a disease is not a torment. Because no one has the right to judge. Only prophets have the right to say so.

I believe the COVID- 19 neither a punishment as some religious scholars would like us to believe nor an ordinary disease. It is nature’s invitation to think more, to explore more bounties and cure in the phenomenal world.

Recently, I came across an article published in THEPRINT by TASLIMA NASREEN “Mecca to Vatican — COVID-19 proves when human beings are in peril, gods flee first”. In her article, the writer is denying the existence of God by telling the readers that if your god exists why the Haram and Vatican were closed just because of this small virus. She also wrote, “Gods are saviours for many, the ones they pray to throughout the year for protection. But when humanity is in peril, it is usually the gods who flee first”.

Well, it must not be mistaken that it was the god but his followers who are in precaution just because our religions taught us. If there was such a destructive disease the precaution is the best cure. Even in the Hadith, it is said that the people if comes in such type of situation should prevent themselves by traveling and must prevent the outsiders just because to prevent the situation.

In her article, Nasreen also writes that God will not save us but our scientists. She describes some names like Galileo and Copernicus discarding the theories of the bible by proving their theories.

The human mind is not capable of imagining the creation of god. Just like in science, you cannot prove the beginning of the universe. Nothing can change suddenly into something. And indeed there was an involvement of the third thing which we can call it as god. Many people give their theories that there was no time before the Big Bang. So how God is the creator?

You firstly cannot prove what time is. It is a thing for us to make our way of living easy. God does not need time. It is median of thinking not his. The philosophy cannot attain such a level of thinking to prove god existence.
Our sister also concluded in her article that it is not god, Allah or Bhagwan who cure the diseases. The diseases are cured by our scientists.

This point is half-truth that our scientist will discover the solution and will cure the disease in the will of God. If Allah wants he will give the cure to the scientist. In the Quran, it is mentioned that “we have not made any disease without its cure”.

If we have a brief look at our scientists, the survey examining religion in medicine found that most of our doctors and researchers believe in god. Even Copernicus and Galileo believe in God and his existence. Even these scientists are not denying the existence of god so how can we deny this divinity and his existence without studying science. Science is itself the laws of nature and study of laws of nature created by god.

And saying that if science will accept existence of god then the progress of our research will come to an end. Well, it is a very wrong statement which can be proven by the Islamic Golden Age, also known as the golden age of science.

So disproving the divine is not a solution or cure of such infectious viral diseases. The solution is hidden in science, also known as the study of nature and god’s creation.

[The writer of this article, Mohammad Mahdi, is a student of Class XII, Shaheen Academy, Aligarh. He can be reached at mahdimohammad2002@gmail.com.]

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