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Effective Tips to Improve Your Bounce Rate

The overall user experience includes all aspects of the end-user’s interaction right from easy navigation

Wednesday May 13, 2020 11:09 PM, ummid.com News Network

How to improve bounce rate

Any website designing company that you have hired for developing your business website looks after various aspects like increasing your visibility to the potential and targeted audience, making them visit your website and then keeping them engaged there. To keep the user engaged, a lot of factors come into play like the speed of loading of website, unique and relevant content and user-friendly navigation.

If any of these factors is missing, the user lands on the website and leaves it without spending time on it or visiting other pages on the same domain. This action of the user to abandon your website within a few seconds is called the bounce rate. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it is for your website because it indicates that your website lacks in engaging a user.

Any good website designing company in India like Techmagnate understands the importance of having a low bounce rate and takes all precautions to achieve that. It identifies and fixes the problems on the landing pages, tries to figure out what users expect and designs the website accordingly.

Here are a few design tips that help in improving the bounce rate.

Provide a Good User Experience

The overall user experience includes all aspects of the end-user’s interaction right from easy navigation, and clean and crisp webpages to engaging landing page and products and services. If the users have a good experience on the website, they tend to stick to it and don’t abandon it without exploring or acting on your call-to-action. It’s the overall feeling that a user experiences on the website that matters and you need to make it pleasing and enjoyable for the user.

Improve Content’s Readability

Posting unique and engaging content is one thing, but how to make it readable is a completely different game altogether. Usually, readers don’t feel motivated to read the content posted in large chunks as it appears dull and boring. Make your content readable by posting it in an easy-to-read format. This includes using an engaging headline, subheadings and bullet points etc. Include some graphics, charts, screenshots, images and quotes to make things further interesting and engaging.

Don't Disrupt the Users

Placing a bold call-to-action button or a sudden pop-up can irritate and disrupt the user and they are bound to leave the page in a jiffy. You should place the call-to-action buttons subtly so that it doesn’t annoy the user or spoil their experience.

Create Interesting Call-to-Action (CTA)

Your ultimate goal is to compel the user to take action, but placing the call-to-action buttons at the right place and in the right manner is extremely important. The CTA should be optimized in every possible way to compel the users to click on it in order to figure out what lies in store on the other side for them. The website designing company you hired for your job should have expertise in reflecting some sort of urgency in CTAs so that the visitors get motivated to perform the action you want them to without getting annoyed or distracted.

Engage Your Audience by Video Content

Videos have emerged as a better engaging medium than text content. Using a small video content, including different forms of persuasion tools like music, audio, animations and narration, can grab the users’ attention more effectively. The video should be of good quality and ideal duration. Faltering on any one of these aspects will repel the user and they will abandon the webpage immediately.

Include Some Testimonials

Nothing engages the user more than listening to the stories of other customers. You can have your customers speak for you by including some testimonials in the form of testimonials slider. When your customer speaks for you, it displays your credibility and the new user finds you reliable and trustworthy.

These are a few of the many web designing tips that help in improving the bounce rate. You should aim for a below 50% bounce rate, which is considered excellent. As the bounce rate is the percentage of users who landed on your website and abandoned it without going to a second page, you can reduce it if you can convince them to stay longer by following these tips.

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