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4 Most beneficial agro-based businesses for Assam

We are exploring here the way to do some of the most profitable agro-based businesses in Assam

Tuesday December 31, 2019 8:29 AM, ummid.com News Network

Doing Business in Assam

Assam is primarily an agricultural state and as on today 70 percent of the people here live their lives through agriculture. But even after being so much dependent on this sector, this state is not able to progress further in this field as they should be. The locals here are still not able to take it as a good profitable business.

Although, there are so many reasons behind this fact; but as an entrepreneur how you can take advantage of it? Well, we are going to explore various opportunities and the way to do some of the most profitable agro-based businesses and ideas in Assam’s land and also tell you why they are most profitable. So, let’s try to know, which these profitable businesses are.

Start A Layer Farm For Egg Production

Recently, one of the most popular blogs of the state all about Assam published an article on Assam’s agricultural world. There they mentioned the everyday need of farm eggs for the whole state. The report, they showed was quite shocking. There they have shown that Assam needs about half a million (50 lakhs) eggs on a daily basis.

But the state has not become able to do it their own. Around 60 percent of eggs they import from other states of India (Especially West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha). There are only about 5 to 10 such large farms in Assam that produce eggs.

We recently spoke to a large farmer in Bongaigaon district. He told us that he has about 45000 eggs laying chickens on his farm, which produces about 40000 eggs every day. But the funny thing, he mentioned was; it only able to fulfill the needs of two districts only.

Here we can think - If only two districts need this much number of eggs, then how many eggs will be needed in 32 districts of the entire state.

As much as we have studied, we know that there is still a big market available for egg-producing business in the state of Assam. So if you are finding some kind of easy profitable ideas for a startup then I think this would be a better option.

Start A Pig Farm For Breeding And Meat Production

Pork meat has a huge demand in Assam’s market. Even, we have seen pig importing from such states like Rajasthan, West Bengal, etc. Starting a small pig farm does not contain so much money. Even you can start it from 10000 to 20000 thousand rupees. Here I am not just telling you without any reason or without my personal experience but I have also a small farm at my home. And every single year I make around 50 to 60 thousand rupees from it.

Pigs produced in Assam are still not able to meet the needs of the entire state. That is why now it needs to be imported from other outsider states. A study conducted in 2018, showed that the state needs around 1 ton of pork meat every single day.

It’s a huge amount. You can go for it. Start with a small number 5 to 10 and increase it gradually every year. I personally know a few farmers of Rajasthan, who make 13-18 lakhs of profit every year from this business. Once, people believe it as low-class people business but now we can say it’s a big opportunity to make more money.

Cow Farming For Milk Production

At present, India is the world's largest milk producing country. Here the Gujarat state of this country is taking the lead role. Assam also has a lot of possibilities for milk production. But due to the lack of appropriate efficiency and knowledge in this area, milk is not being produced in the way it should have been produced.

Often we see here in the village people raise one or two cows in their house but the majority of them have not any commercial intent in it. Those people do this only so that they can fulfill their milk needs at home. This is also the reason, due to which, in Assam, milk has to be imported from outside states.

The current price of milk in Assam is 50 rupees (per liter) and everyday Assam needs 20 lakhs liters of milk. So now you can see - how much can be earned from here if invested properly with proper training.

Fishery Business

Even though fishes are imported from outsider states but in the local market, Assam’s local fishes have some great demands. As an example: If the price of 1 kg imported fish is 180 rupees, the same way a local fish price is 250 rupees. Here the difference is 70 rupees.

Though starting a fishery contains some investment but the return is quite amazing. Still, in Assam, the demands of local fishes are not getting fulfilled as it is needed. So you can even think about it too.

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