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Mamata’s doublespeak on NRC: Skip Opp meet with Sonia, but share dias with Modi

Mamata Banerjee, herself is a very confusing person by nature

Saturday January 11, 2020 11:16 AM, Pradip Bhattacharya, ummid.com

Mamata Modi Meeting Today

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee might cut a good cake in an election without BJP, but she is yet to cut a cake to show whether she is pro-BJP or anti-BJP. This is due to the fact arising now that WB chief Minister plans a closed-door meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Kolkata on Sunday. At the same time, she had to boycott and make her party’s door shut for an all-opposition party meet against CAA, NRC and NPR called by Congress president Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi. What does her strategy spell out then? Is TMC planning for an alliance with BJP in West Bengal or at a national level?

People in West Bengal find themselves in a real perplexed tone today. In West Bengal, we found young people of diverse faiths marching together, Hindus and Muslims, arm-in-arm behind our national flag, rejecting artificial divides stoked by political leaders of BJP by implementing CAA/NRC/CAB? What will be the reply Mamata would give to the people after meeting Modi?

Democracy is not merely a right but also a responsibility -- a burden to be a keeper of the Republic, not merely on election day but every day. Did then Mamata Banerjee by ditching Sonia-led opposition front ditch two leaders of Freedom struggle - one is Mahatma Gandhi who gave his life for or Rabindranath Tagore who uttered of a dream into that heaven of freedom, by saying- ‘My Father, let my country awake’, that continues to be a reality in West Bengal? People across the country had staged a march against CAA/NRC/NPR to preserve that freedom?

What is astonishing from the fact that Mamata, when she needs the support of opposition parties, urges all opposition party to help her or sort out a plan to boycott BJP. But this time, she has given a lame excuse for not providing unity amongst all opposition parties on CAA/NPR/NRC in New Delhi that gave her support always. Can anyone forget when Mamata staged a whole night fast in support of IPS officer Rajeev Kumar in February 2019 she asked for a national unity amongst all opposition parties to blacklist BJP? Can Mamata deny she sought help from not just Congress party but even DMK, RJD, SP, BSP, TDP, NC, and other parties to prove that institutions like Reserve Bank of India, CBI and another run by BJP government being misused and scuttling of autonomy of country’s institutions? Politicians are indeed known to be opportunists and Indian politicians more so. So TMC leader’s exploitation of the situation can be more on an expected line by boycotting Sonia’s call to unite the opposition against NRC/CAA/ NPR on January 13, 2020.

Unlike Mamata and her TMC, the CPI(M) and Congress have called for protests against Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of the Citizenship Amendment of Act and the proposed NRC when he visits West Bengal for two days beginning January 11, 2020. The two parties have blamed TMC for having a close relationship between with BJP. Two parties CPI(M) and Congress have also charged Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee of having a "tacit understanding" with Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

This will be perhaps the greatest folly of Mamata to skip the Opposition meet on January 13 called by Congress President Sonia Gandhi, and share ideas with PM in Kolkata. It may be noted that PM will be in Kolkata to attend the 150th anniversary of Kolkata Port Trust. If Mamata could manage her two schedules of attending Sonia-convened anti-CAA meet in New Delhi on January 13, 2020, and even Kolkata port Trust’s function with Modi in Kolkata, critics, and the opposition parties would not question her functioning at all.

Last time, when Modi-Mamata meet happened in New Delhi on September 2019, it was evident that the meet was related to the slow down activities of the CBI against former Kolkata Police Commissioner Rajeev Kumar whose statements could be crucial for pinning down some big shots in Mamata’s Government in Sharada chit fund case?

What will be the outcome of Modi-Mamata meet in Kolkata, time alone can tell. Last time, after Modi-Mamta meet was over when Mamata has put a question if she held a talk with Modi-Shah on National Register of Citizens (NRC), she said, "It (NRC) is part of Assam Accord, hence there is no provision of its implementation in West Bengal. Neither has any proposal come nor will it be done," she had asserted. But today the scenario is different. Home Minister Amit Shah plans to implement NRC all over India, hence Mamata has not cleared her statement made after meeting Amit Shah and Modi in New Delhi last year in September.

Mamata Banerjee, herself is a very confusing person by nature. Once she tells Modi openly - ‘Are you Pakistani ambassador or Indian PM, and now would share dias with PM in Kolkata on Sunday and Saturday’ Once Mamata Banerjee had met Prime Minister in New Delhi in September 2019 and said that the Centre would not implement CAA or NRC in West Bengal just like Bihar. Later on, her protest over CAA and NRC caught people’s eyeball and her famous song ‘CAA CAA Chii Chi’.( the full form of the song ‘NRC, Chi, chi, chi, CAA, Chi, chi, chi’ went viral on social media.

It is not understood why Modi and Mamata plans a closed-door meeting at Kolkata Raj Bhavan. Does it imply that Modi is planning to take TMC on the BJP side, the way Congress has pulled Shiv Sena to Congress turf? Everything will be known after a political move is announced by BJP or TMC. What is more surprising is that if BJP or TMC wants to come closer, Mamata will never be able to become Chief Minister again. People in West Bengal will not accept Mamata’s betrayal on CAA/NRC/NPR. If Mamata- Modi comes closer on a platform it will form a real doom to both BJP and TMC. The beneficiary will be Congress and CPI (M). It is a well-known fact that CPI (M) and Congress have lost ground in West Bengal. But In West Bengal, people are not at all pulled by party cadres or leaders for voting in an election. It is always the sentiments of people that get politicians vote. Remember how BJP gained 18 seats in West Bengal in 2019 Lok Sabha polls dumping TMC?

Mamata Banerjee is known for changing her ideology very often. She is not consistant in her goal and can make any day an exit from the anti-BJP slogan if Modi fixes a closed deal with TMC on PM’s visit to Kolkata. Another opportunity that BJP is eyeing is to wreck Sena-Congress-NCP alliance with Mamata’s closeness to NCP. But Mamata is not very close to Sena and hence her possibility to wreck Sena-Congress-NCP alliance would be a far-reaching dream. Once upon a time, Congress MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury had said Mamata Banerjee changes her colour like a chameleon. And this is very true indeed.

What we expected from Mamata – in today’s troublesome times, she should have brought together all people in India to make India a shining example of tolerance and respect that our founders like Mahatma Gandhi, Nehru, or Rabindranath Tagore who envisioned, a beacon once more for a weary world. She should have attended the Sonia-convened opposition meet in New Delhi – so that our task for the new decade begins. Has by not attending Sonia-led Opposition meet in New Delhi- she failed to raise the spirit of unity- even after noting that her colleagues of opposition parties are working tirelessly to get the truth out even as they succumb to government pressure, they demonstrate what it means to be a dutiful citizen of the Republic.

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