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Different Carrom Trick Shots to Win the Board

These tricks will not only strengthen your confidence but also help you to stand out among the crowd

Wednesday November 18, 2020 11:20 PM, ummid.com News Network

Carrom Tips

Carrom is a popular indoor sport played across the globe. To play carrom online or offline, you must have great precision and concentration. In addition to the efficient use of the striker, learning a few carrom trick shots should be on the top of your mind. These tricks will not only strengthen your confidence but also help you to stand out among the crowd.

In case you do not know the best carrom tips and tricks, we are here to help you master some of the tricks to win the game.

"Best Carrom Trick Shots"

Carrom trick shots can help you to win the game and make an impression of you being a pro at the game. You may be playing carrom game online or offline; these shots should be a part of every carrom player’s arsenal. Are you keen on learning the best carrom tips and tricks? If yes, keep reading further!

"Cut Shot"

The centre of the board is equally away from both the players. The only way to pocket a puck from that position is to learn a shot that makes your turn count. This is where a cut shot enters the picture. Just flick the striker in a way that it hits the side of the puck in the centre. It will go in the pocket just opposite to the strikers' end. For example, you have to hit the cut shot from your right, if you want to sink the puck in the left pocket.

By the way, a cut shot comes handy a lot more than just pocketing the centrepiece. But that is something you will figure out with more practice and experience.

"Cut and Take"

Cut and take is one of the carrom trick shots that can differentiate you from your opponent. Like we mentioned before, a cut shot is useful in several different situations on a carrom board. In the cut-and-take shot, the cut shot directs the carrom puck in another direction, and the striker comes back to score another carrom man. You can cut the cover in the direction of the pocket and pocket the queen using this move. The cut shot in ‘Cut and Take’ makes your cover easier. Cool, right?

"Second Hit"

There are two ways to avoid obstructions. One is to take another puck, and the other one is the second hit. Pocketing another puck, in case of obstruction, will not always be an option. Therefore, the second hit carrom trick uses the puck that obstructs the pocket of the carrom man you are originally aiming to dunk. However, this trick only works when the obstructing carrom man and the aimed puck lie in the same line of the pocket. Moreover, to make this trick work, you have to be very good with your aiming skills. Be it an online carrom game or offline, this shot is one of the most well-known carrom trick shots.

"Board Shot"

Board shot is one of the best aims that is played by pro carrom players. The amount of precision and accuracy required to master this move is immense. Therefore, you should not play the board shot unless you are too sure about it. If it goes wrong, you will end up wasting your turn for nothing. To play this shot, you should strike the striker in such a way that the striker hits three different sides of the carrom board and comes back to pocket a puck in your side pocket.

"Thumb Shot"

What if you hurt your finger while playing carrom or your finger starts hurting since you played it for long hours? How would you play carrom then? If you are looking for an alternative shot, we would recommend you to play the thumb shot. Before we tell you how it is useful, let us tell you how you can play it. All you have to do is form a circle with your thumb and index number and then strike with your thumb. The thumb shot is strong only if you play it precisely. Master the use of thumb shot as it will act as a saviour when you need it the most. Furthermore, there is no rule in carrom that suggests the use of one and only one finger.


Alley-oop is the term mostly associated with basketball. It means the dribbler passes the ball to a leaping teammate to dunk the ball in the basket before landing. Although there is no leaping in carrom, the trick shot nearly means the same here too. When you are playing in a team, everyone is at the advantage of playing simple and still winning. For example, if you see a puck that you cannot score, but your partner can, you should pass the coin to your partner. However, don’t overuse it or your opponents will figure it out.

Carrom is a game that requires a lot of practice and concentration. The right shots played with concentration and focus can surely help you to win the carrom game.

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