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A quick guide on academic plagiarism and using an online checker to deal with it

Copying or stealing someone's work without his or her knowledge is said to be plagiarism

Wednesday November 25, 2020 11:57 PM, ummid.com News Network


Necessity of using an Academic Plagiarism Checker

The writers always have a fear of publicizing a plagiarized article. It proves to be very harmful to the writers. In fact, due to plagiarized essays, the writer has a probability of exploiting the reputation. Before submission of any paper, it is important to check plagiarism.

Thus, an academic plagiarism checker is essential. It helps check the copied items in the paper, providing a clear and distinct report relating to plagiarism, assisting the scholars in getting a good academic score.

Some essential facts about plagiarism

Copying or stealing someone's work without his or her knowledge is said to be plagiarism. The writer copies ideas, words, thoughts, or language of other writers. It fetches a high risk of obtaining low grades for the students.

Thus, plagiarism checkers are essential for the students and the instructors to find out plagiarism in work. Therefore, we understand that academic plagiarism checker plays a vital role. Here, the check for plagiarism helps to determine unintentional plagiarism as well.

What is academic plagiarism?

Academic plagiarism mainly causes due to the repeated use of similar words. More specifically, this happens when the scholar uses a group of words with no usage of quotation marks. Stealing someone's work is not at all worthy enough to score well.

Moreover, this degrades the reputation of the students. Moreover, Academic plagiarism encourages stealing others’ ideas, thoughts, words, or concepts without proper acknowledgment of the original source. Hence, it should be discouraged at all cost.

How can you prevent academic plagiarism?

Plagiarism is always stated as an unethical practice. Instead, the term is also synonymic to the words piracy or stealing as well. In academic plagiarism, it is ethical to acknowledge the works done previously by the other writers.

However, students often fail to sustain their work with absolutely unique materials. It has been evidenced that a group of words is similar to others' work and considered plagiarized. Now the question is, why? Possibly those group of words is a famous quotation of any educator. Still, those words are considered to be plagiarized.

It is because the writer has not cited the source of the work. Moreover, he or she has missed the usage of quotation marks. The following factors should be there in mind to prevent academic plagiarism:

• Well, paraphrasing comes in the beginning

With aid from the source, the writers need not just copy and paste the context. It is always appreciable to understand the entire text to reshape the context's ideas and write the same, including their own words. It is mandatory to understand the context and then create a correct paraphrase, making the write-up error-free.

• Quotation Marks

Most of the time, quotes are taken from the other papers to explain the topic elaborately. These quotations are required to be identified with the help of quotation marks. Thus, the article has no error in it.

• Use of plagiarism checker

The writer needs to use plagiarism detection tools to avoid plagiarism. The paraphrasing tools are considered very important for the writers as they determine similar parts in it. It is important to check the plagiarism before submission of the paper.

• Proper management of Citation

The writer needs to maintain a proper record relating to the original sources. An appropriate referencing sounds to be helpful to avoid plagiarism. Even it is preferable if the writer cites similar sources.

How can you correct it using a plagiarism checker for publishers?

Academic plagiarism is a common problem faced by publishers. To detect plagiarism within the writing, the individual needs to pass the article through the similarity checker. So that once the write-up gets process for publication, it comes error-free.

Now, technology has improved a lot. Therefore, the publishers do not require a demanding and challenging way of scrutinizing the article manually with a checker’s help; now, they carry out the task very effortlessly. With the help of a few online tools, similar words or phrases are easily determined.

Even the publishers upload content on the plagiarism checker for identifying the similarity as it provides an accurate result concerning the plagiarized content through their plagiarism report. It helps the publishers to correct without any effort.

Hence, the academic plagiarism checker sounds pretty enthusiastic for the publishers. With the help of this, the writer stays in a relaxing mood. The academic plagiarism checker becomes helpful for the writer to find the plagiarized items from the write-ups. Hence, academic plagiarism is avoidable with the help of plagiarism detection tools.

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