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5 Ways Reading Will Boost Your Communication Skills

One of the most significant advantages of being a regular reader is that we will always find something to discuss even with strangers

Wednesday October 28, 2020 7:43 AM, ummid.com News Network

Communication Skills

Why is Reading Important?

We can never underestimate the importance of reading. Reading skills are crucial throughout our personal and professional growth. Though the written word is no longer our only window to the world, reading aids in our understanding of ourselves and the world around us like no other medium can. It also plays an essential role in developing our verbal communication skills. A regular habit of reading enhances our writing and listening skills as well. One such essential writing skill is - Report Writing. Writing clear, concise reports is a key skill for effective business communication.

In effect, reading has the potential to enhance our overall communication skills. Here are five ways reading can do that.

1. Word Power

Reading not only helps us gain information and knowledge but is also a great way to build word power. Word power makes our expressions stronger and more effective. Some of the world's greatest orators have one thing in common: the use of powerful words. Another thing that they all have in common is the fact that they are usually voracious readers. Reading exposes us to the power of language in ways that the spoken and visual media seldom can. When we read, we tend to pause and look up difficult words. Experienced writers of the books and articles that we read stretch the language to use highly nuanced words and expressions.

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2. Wide Exposure

Living in a world where information is crucial to our personality development, reading is one of the best sources of continuous learning, gathering knowledge, and idea-sharing. Books and articles transport us on journeys across the world in an instant, allowing us to travel back in time or to the future, giving us rich perspectives of fresh ideas, concepts, culture, human emotions, and milestones. All of this helps expand our sphere of exposure, shifting or strengthening our views and embracing a more comprehensive range of perspectives.

3. Talking Points

One of the most significant advantages of being a regular reader is that we will always find something to discuss even with strangers. Even if we find ourselves in the middle of an unfamiliar topic of discussion, reading would have taught us the art of listening and posing intelligent questions. More importantly, reading instructs us a structured way to learn about new things. All of this makes us good at conversing with people from diverse backgrounds and interests.

4. Networking Skills

Having imbibed the ability to be open to new subjects and issues, we are naturally inclined to handle new experiences through our habit of reading. Reading about other people helps you understand them better in real life.

When Vishwanath joined a leading furnishings manufacturer as an export manager six years ago, little did he realize just how much his childhood habit of reading was to come in handy. Twenty days every month, he was away on tour visiting countries across three different continents. People, culture, language, and food, almost every facet of life differed wherever he went. But amazingly, he found himself amenable and open to these differences. He could immediately relate to subtle nuances in how people expressed themselves or to their local cultures. In almost every situation, he realized it was his insatiable appetite for books that was helping him connect with these strangers. He was recognized for his brilliant networking skills and became extremely successful in his career as an international marketer in no time.

The habit of reading has this incredible ability to put yourself in someone else's shoes, to get inside their heads, and empathize with them. The more you understand someone, the more you can tailor your communications and put them at ease.

5. Window on to another world

A good book always opens up new dimensions of your personality. You tend to engage with the characters, experience their emotions and situations, whether similar or alien to your real life. You begin to comprehend and broaden your likes and dislikes. Above all, these experiences teach you the power to understand and accept things that you would never come across otherwise.


The advent of the internet and social media, while revolutionizing many aspects of our lives, has also made a considerable dent in our capacity to sit back with a good book for hours. Many of us have grown to be impatient and unable to focus on things for long durations. It is precisely for these reasons that we must continue our reading habits. It improves our concentration power, training our brains to focus and become healthy and effective communicators.

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