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Rahul Gandhi on issues facing India, media campaign against him and Cong Prez Polls

Rahul Gandhi attacked BJP and blamed it for spreading hatred and violence in the country, which he said is an anti-national act. Read More

Saturday October 8, 2022 7:40 PM, ummid.com with inputs from IANS

Rahul Gandhi on issues facing India, media campaign against him and Cong Prez Polls

Tumakuru (Karnataka): While leading the 'Bharat Jodo Yatra' in Karnataka, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday spoke on varied topics and issues surrounding the country, and also stated that thousands of crores have been spent to shape him untruthful.

Addressing a press conference at Turuvekere town in Tumakuru district, he said:

"The thing to understand is I always stand for certain ideals. That of course disturbs the BJP, RSS and other forces. Thousands of crores of media money or media energy has been spent in trying to shape me in a way which is just untruthful and wrong."

"That machine is going to continue. It is a well oiled, financially rich machine. My truth is different. It is always different and people who care to look carefully will see what I stand for and what I work for," Rahul Gandhi explained.


"For me this yatra, of course, has a political element to it. I see in the political system, I don't just say, I say it across the board, a distance has developed between the political class and our citizens. The idea for me was to go right on the road and go close physically to our people. Now, this is very different than going in a car or in a plane or reaching out through the media," he said.

Commenting on the charge by the BJP that all Congress leaders are out on bail, Rahul Gandhi maintained:

"As we know, BJP uses, and also the RSS, India's institutions to attack India's political class. This is the tactic they are using and this is how they topple the governments, pressurize and every single person understands this in detail."

"The objective of Bharat Jodo Yatra is to bring India together. Objective from my perspective is not the 2024 elections. I am seeing India being divided, violence being spread in our society and this is damaging for our country," Gandhi said.


"Bharat Jodo Yatra is being taken up on three fundamental issues. First being the violence, the hatred BJP and RSS are spreading, the division of the country they are carrying out", Rahul said.

"The second issue is the massive concentration of wealth they allow to happen. This is resulting in few people getting very very rich and which is resulting in the destruction of the Indian backbone economy, small and medium businesses and farmers. This is resulting in unemployment. India is heading towards an unemployment disaster", he added

"Third is the massive increase in prices," he stated.

"I believe in Tapasya"

Rahul Gandhi, leading the 150-day Bharat Jodo yatra that started on September 07, further said that he believes in 'tapasya' and that he wants an element of suffering while interacting with the people.

He said not just him, his entire family believes in the concept of 'tapasya'.

He was responding to questions on how the rally has changed him as a person.

"Along this padyatra, communication with people, I wanted an element of suffering for myself. I didn't want the march to be easy. I was wanting to do something which would make me suffer. While I am talking to my people, I can share my sufferings. That was the idea."

"So, I find that to be a very powerful experience. When you are walking on the road and speaking to your people, after suffering, the communication is better."

"For me, it's been a learning experience. It began 31 days ago but for me the learning has not yet begun. I can already see the advantages of this type of communication," Rahul Gandhi explained.

"Also, the interaction with people is the most beautiful part of the journey. But unfortunately, things I say get distorted. When I am speaking in front of cameras, those behind it distort my words."

"There is tremendous wisdom among our people but it gets wasted by the kind of politics we are running. They have a lot to say but are unable because of the political system. I am also getting a huge amount of support, I don't mean by numbers but from individuals whom I interact with," he added.

On Congress Presidential Candidates

Rahul Gandhi also countred the BJP on party presidential polls and said Mallikarjun Kharge and Shashi Tharoor, both the contestants, have statures of their own.

"Both the nominees contesting for the Congress Presidential elections have a position as well as their own perspectives. To call anyone a 'remote control' is insulting to both of them," said Rahul.

Rahul then attacked BJP and blamed it for spreading hatred and violence in the country, which he said is an anti-national act and he will fight anybody who spreads hatred and violence.

Rahul Gandhi Press Conference Today

"We are not a fascist party. We are a party that believes in conversation and we welcome different viewpoints. We do know that in order to win elections we will have to work as a team." he said.

Rahul said that the Constitution states that Bharat is a Union of States:

"It means all our languages, states and traditions have an equally important space. That is the nature of our country."

Rahul claimed that the party will win Karnataka polls hands down and that the people are upset over unemployment and inflation.

The voting will take place on October 17.

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